7 Health Facts to Sway the Mouth Open.

Exercise, nutrition, diet, all these are the words rhythmic to the concept of a healthy body. With the surge of industrial science, the human body has developed in breaking its line of health and heading towards the declination. Not only the physical structure is affected by technological advancement in society but also the mental strength is put on tension.

Some beliefs regarding the wisdom of health are not even put to use just because they sound less authentic. However, the list below enumerates all the silly yet interesting health facts which will get down to our mind and bring an awe to our mouth.

1) When you feel tired, work out

This is one of the concepts which sounds extremely out of context to many, but it is not. Exercising helps in waking up the organs and letting energy seep into them. It aids the accumulated fat and other essential minerals to burn and provide the required energy.

2) We have a 3-inch long Iron nail in our body

No, it is not because the doctor put one inside our body during the birth or something, instead, it is the mineral component iron which is present in our body along with other nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrate, etc. If all the Iron present in the human body is amassed then it will equal a 3-inch long nail.

3) Reading a Book reduces the level of stress hormones

A book does not only interests the mind but also helps in reducing the excitation of hormones which produces stress. and that too by almost 67%. This is the reason why most of the avid readers are more at peace than others.

4) Sleeping is more important than Eating

If you haven’t eaten for like 2 or 3 weeks, you may or may not die. However, if you haven’t slept for a week, you are likely to die or injure extreme health problems. Not sleeping for even a day can cause problems like a severe headache, impaired memory, low concentration, lack of co-ordination in hand and eye movement, etc.

5) A packet of Cigarette can kill an adult

A whole packet consisting of 40 cigarettes encompasses enough Nicotine that it will take only minutes to kill a full-grown adult if ingested altogether. There are many reasons to quit smoking and this is one of those.

6) Oatmeals are not just for dieting individuals

Eating a bowl of Oatmeal every day has many benefits starting from lowering the level of cholesterol, shedding the extra weight, controlling blood sugar level, etc. Another healthy benefit of this food item is boosting the compound called serotonin in the body which helps in calming the brain.

7) Extra Virgin Olive oil has a good fat

It is always advised to stay away from fat but not all fat is unhealthy. Some amount of fat is necessary in order to absorb other minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, and E. Extra Virgin Olive oil consists of fat which does the exact work and also maintains the ideal body type.

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