accidental inventions

Accidental Inventions of the World

Technology has surged with pride since it boosts human life with easiness and accuracy. There have been countless discoveries and inventions in the field of science and most of those have helped humans in one way or the other. The inventions are the children of intelligent minds. The challenging figures in the form of human worked had with full determination and dedication to build something that can elevate the way of living. However, some of the greatest inventions that we use even today were born out of some errors in the actual desired experiments. The list below consist of those wonderous Inventions which were never anticipated by their Inventors but came into existence anyway and proved their worth.

Microwave Oven

Percy Spencer is the name of the Scientist who is applauded for the Invention of Microwave. Microwave Oven is the essential electronic device which is used quite a lot in baking and fast cooking. Interesting is the fact that Percy was actually assaying for the radar in a Vaccum tube when the chocolate bar kept in his pocket started melting due to the waves produced in the region. This gave him the idea for this notable machine.


This miraculous antibiotic by Sir Alexander Fleming has aided in the prevention and cure of Bacterial infections of many kinds. However, Sir Alexander Fleming had no pre-plan idea for its invention. He almost gave up on his medical research when he noticed a mould growing viciously on a plate containing an old Petri dish. The mould was able to break down the bacteria growing beside and around the dish. This helped Sir Alexander Fleming in developing the first Penicillin.

Safety Glass

The discovery of this striking object was made by a chemist named Édouard Bénédictus. Once, he was experimenting in his lab when suddenly a glass flask dropped on the floor. He noticed that the flask was not broken. He learned that due to the inner lining of plastic cellulose nitrate, the glass became almost unbreakable.


The heart is a vital organ in the human body which needs the coordination of almost every other body part to work well. However, Heart block is a condition which blocks the signals of blood pumping from reaching the heart. Many scientists were on it and one of them was Wilson Greatbatch. He devised a device called pacemaker only after accidentally using the wrong transistor in his experiment.


There is an amazing story behind the name of this special ray. Wilhelm Roentgen is the discoverer of these rays which are used for scanning the body and taking the images. He discovered these rays in the year 1895 when he was experimenting with a cathode-ray tube. He shielded the tube using a thick paper and noticed a fluorescent light generation during the experiment. He then asserted that there is another kind of ray being emitted and since the things no one knows about is ‘x’ in maths and physics, he named it X-rays.

Though these inventions were born out of errors or accidents, they have proved to be of great help to mankind.

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