Akrit Jaswal: The Boy with Science in Blood

Children are the saccharine fruit of almighty carved with innocence and palpable intellect which forces them into the pit of curiosity. They all are bestowed with the wisdom to unravel the mysteries of the world with constant trials even after meeting successive failure. Even though most of the kids are built with a peculiar mind, only a few runs on the path where everyone is walking. Being a smart kid generally means you are good at adding your numbers or memorizing the basics of science. However, being a child prodigy means to hold the power of knowledge and using it precisely at an early age when life has just started to unfold.

If the question is asked so as when does a child starts studying earnestly? The answer will fall in the range of 13 to 15 years of age. At seven, most of the children are busy goofing around playing with their friends and enjoying the simplicity of childhood. Nevertheless, some like Akrit Jaswal decided to skip the days of puerility and learn everything that the world of medicine has to offer. The journey of this master started when he performed his first surgery at an early age of 7 on a girl of age 8. He supposedly separated the two fingers that the girl had after suffering from a burn. From there the road was long and clear. This isn’t the only instance to showcase the brilliance of his intelligence as his family describes his toddler years as the marking days of triumph. He was quick to adapt and started speaking as well as walking very young. His brainpower was noticed by all and even in a local hospital where he got a special permission to witness medical surgeries to add more and more to his diaries of the brain. When he turned 11, he was enrolled in a medical college making him the first student in India to go to medical college at such a premature age. On the Mensa IQ test, he scored a whopping score of 146 which has a percentile of 99.8917630764%. He is currently pursuing Bioengineering from Indian Institute for Technology at Kanpur. With the abundance of knowledge, all he wants to do is to find the ultimate cure for cancer. He decided to challenge the most challenging disease because of the empathy he developed while witnessing the horrors cancer patient’s with no money have to face. Although he is a genius kid with a brain working like a machine, he has to face difficulties too to reach the goal of his life. Where his research and take on the Oral gene therapy (which he thinks can be the extinguisher to the Cancer) has been criticized as rejected as a possible mechanism by the dignities of Imperial College of London, his pursuit to bring down the living trail of cancer is still on. He will see a lot of success in the near future but it will be wrong to call him a failure if he even fails because he is already wearing the sash of the child prodigy.

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