The journey to success begins with hard work but the journey to satisfaction begins with happy work. The idea is simple but is often confounded and hence at the end of the journey, we do have enough money to spend but very little contentment to share. Upon generalizing the human needs, we settle on few commodities that are rational to all classes. These objects are Food, Water, and House. However, around 21.25 percent of our country’s population starts and ends heir day without food. It is a shameful data depicting how poor we are to not able to serve even our own people. Nevertheless, the country isn’t full of such individuals only. There exists some with a heart of exception and mind of extraordinary.

The Hunger Hero

Ankit Kawatra is a very well qualified young man who can take a walk inside any renowned MNC and can earn a lump sum of money. He is similar to all who march in the parade of the youth of our country but what makes him a sequin is his will to help others find a way to live and not just survive. Here we are going to discuss the reasons why he wears the sash of a hunger hero.     

 1) Just at the age of 22, he quit his well-paying job to put some food in the plate of those dying out of hunger. To him, his corporate job was merely a money producing profession but what he has now is profession and passion wound up together.

2) His initiative, FEEDING INDIA has served over 1.35 millions of meal to the needy ones in just a period of two years. Closely analyzing the statistics reveal that over 3.75 crores worth of food was rescued from landing into dumpsters.

Kid Poor Boy Outdoor India Face Slums Child

3) This real-life justice league i.e FEEDING INDIA consist of around 750 hunger heroes across 20 cities of our country and they all are working over their limits to help the maximum numbers they can and all because of one inspiring factor, ANKIT KAWATRA.

4) He is aiming for ZERO HUNGER in the country for which he has undertaken many projects like the Magic truck which is a  24*7 refrigerated vehicle moving around the city to collect food that generally occupies dustbin after weddings, parties and other functions. They distribute this food to poor masses.


5) FEEDING INDIA has adopted many donation centers, shelter homes, and even self-run schools so as to help out children, elders, and the specially-abled. All of this under the fine supervision of Ankit Kawatra’s desire.

Well, the above points are enough to give away all our love and respect to the man who felt hunger in other’s stomach and started fighting for it. Ankit Kawatra has earned an honorary award from the queen of England in 2017. The very last thing we need to learn from this man is that you don’t always need money to help those without it, just a well-shaped idea can make it happen.

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