Disney’s Coco – Just that Movie You Would Love Watching With Your Family


Disney’s latest release Coco is a heartwarming story that strikes a chord with all age groups. It begins with the story of Imelda who is the wife of a musician and has a daughter named Coco. Her husband had decided to leave the family to make a name in the music career promising Imelda to come back. Unfortunately, he never returns. This infuriates Imelda and she banishes music from her family and started a shoe business to support herself.

After this short backstory, we immediately jump a few years ahead and are introduced to the successors of Imelda, a small joint family now living in Santa Cecilia in Mexico. We meet Miguel who is the 12-year-old great-great-grandson of Imelda. Unlike the entire family, Miguel shows a spark to learn music and has a deep admiration for a famous musician from Coco’s times named Ernesto De la Cruz. The family is preparing for the Dia de Los Muertos and have set up their ofrenda. Miguel accidentally damages the ofrenda and drops Imelda’s family photograph to uncover that his great-great-grandfather is holding Ernesto’s guitar but his face was torn off.

Immediately making the connection, an excited Miguel realizes that his great-great-grandfather was Ernesto De la Cruz. This inspired him to take part in the Day of the Dead talent show. Ignoring his family’s objection to music, he tries to take part in the show but is barred because he didn’t own a guitar. In a fix, he decides to steal Ernesto’s guitar from his grave. He did not know that the curse associated with the guitar was going to change him. As soon as he strums it he turns invisible to the human world. Unable to comprehend why no one could see him he suddenly realizes that he could now see the dead skeletons of various families walking around their graves. Even the skeletons could see him and in this process, he meets his ancestors who had come to visit his family ofrenda.

When the ancestors realize that Miguel was cursed for stealing the guitar they took him to the land of the dead where they meet Imelda. Imelda was furious because she wasn’t able to travel to the Land of the Living due to the photograph that Miguel had toppled over from the ofrenda. In order for Miguel to return from the land of the Dead, he needs the blessing from the oldest member of his family. As if to strike a deal, aunt Imelda gives Coco a blessing to return to the Land of the Living on one condition- that he never play music again.

This infuriates Miguel and he runs away from his family to look for Ernesto because even he was his family. He knew Ernesto would bless him without him needing to give up on his love for music.

The rest of the movie reveals how Miguel tries to find his way to Ernesto, makes new friends and takes upon an adventurous journey evading his family to go back to the Land of the Living.

The entire movie takes us all on an emotional ride through many themes like family relationships, ambition, passion, greed and love. So if you are on the lookout for a good Sunday evening family watch, Coco is your go-to movie.


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