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Home Alone with Santa and Bandits!

Hey kids! Christmas is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure all of us, irrespective of our age, are very excited! It is the time of the year when we can use all our creativity in adorning Christmas trees, receiving  Christmas gifts and not to forget the arrival of a good Christmas story from Disney or Fox.

Over the years, a lot of amazingly delightful movies released such as Polar Express, Christmas Carol, Elf, Shrek the Hall, The Dog who saved Christmas.


But nothing captured our hearts more than the nostalgic, feel-good comical Home Alone series. It has been a tremendous hit among kids and adults alike.


The first of this series, Home Alone(1990), depicts an 8-year-old kid, Kevin McCallister who is the youngest of the family and is constantly tormented and bullied by his elder sisters and brothers. He wishes he never had a family and goes to sleep in despair. The next day, he wakes up and realizes that there’s no one in the house. He delightedly believes that his wish, after all, came true and he is finally rid of his ‘dreadful’ family. In reality, he was mistakenly forgotten in a hurried trip to Paris and his family realizes his absence on the flight. They scramble to get back to the US on the next flight.

home alone christmas

Meanwhile, a pair of most wanted thieves, on the lookout for booty, attempt to rob the house assuming that the entire family is away on holiday. The rest of the film is about how the witty little Kevin foils the thieves’ attempts. The film has us rolling in laughter when the thieves make a joker of themselves.

Most importantly, the film captures the exquisite scenery of the US during Christmas time with streets full of snow, huge Christmas trees full of gifts and candy canes, huge glittering stars, the Macy’s and Walmart stores full of fresh Christmas goodies. It makes us yearn to be physically present when the movie has been shot. Such is the cinematography and picturization of this awesome movie.

home alone christmas

All the other films in the franchise more or less depict how the young boy overcomes hurdles and sets out to catch ‘the big bad guys’. Each sequel proves to be better than the previous one in terms of screenplay, direction, and novelty.  The series shows a subtle yet effective message that good always wins over evil.

Watching a movie from this series would just about complete our idea of a wonderful Christmas!.So gear up to watch this series this Christmas, snuggled warmly in a blanket, and huge lit Christmas tree in the corner 😉 😉christmas celebrations

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