Kiddle- The Kids’ Safe Google

A week back, my 9-year-old cousin happened to visit me after about two years. I was taken aback by the kid’s technological prowess. I was positively surprised looking at the way he opened my phone and handled most of the applications in it. Ten years ago, I did my homework on my own or by consulting books in libraries. But this fellow suggests Google every time he needs to know something.

With such enthusiasm for tech gadgets and a curiosity to learn, the internet can prove to be a wonderful tool to quench the thirst of children. But with the internet not always being very safe, parents fret over the suitability of the content it provides. But there isn’t a cause for worry, now that Kiddle is on!

Kiddle, a safe visual search engine for kids, was launched on 29th February 2016. Its homepage sports a brilliant space theme with a robot in the fore.  Adorning the colours of Google- red, blue, yellow and green- Kiddle is powered by Google Safe Search. With separate tabs for web, images, news and videos, just like in Google, Kiddle returns results that are filtered for viewing by children. Now parents can rest assured without worrying about what their children are being exposed to on the internet.

‘Sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family-friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content.’

Apart from Safe Search, the site also has other cool features. The first three results typically show pages meant specifically for kids. The next four return trusted sites that provide easily understandable information so it becomes effortless for kids to comprehend them. All of them are handpicked by the editors at Kiddle. The rest belong to famous sites providing expert content that is safe for kids. This is done using Google Safe Search.

The site also displays results with larger thumbnails to make it easy for children to go through and find the most appropriate answers to their queries. It uses large Arial font for better readability. Parents can also block certain keywords and sites by filling in appropriate forms on the site’s homepage. The Kpedia tab allows us to learn from 700,000 articles in the Kiddle encyclopedia. It also offers topic suggestions if you do not have anything particular in mind.

Just like we have here at Amazing Scribbles a dozen plus categories to go through. Speaking of sites for children, Amazing Scribbles Magazine is one wonderful initiative towards providing children with articles on wide-ranging topics. It is now taking its next step and working towards creating a networking platform for kids to discuss and share their opinions on various subjects. Stay tuned for updates and keep learning!

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