Kids’ Creativity shines at Vyoma

The final performance by the kids of the summer program at Vyoma amazed the audience and had them applauding all the way. A bunch of kids put up a spectacular performance comprised of colours, voices, puppets, interesting stories and lots and lots of creativity on Friday, 17th May at Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre, JP Nagar. The performance marked the end of two fun workshops- ‘Storytelling through Puppetry’ and ‘Leadership through theatre’. The program was curated by Vyoma in association with the kids theatre team Evam’s Happy Cow from Chennai.

Over the course of two weeks, the group of younger children (5-8 years) were exposed to several ways of telling stories through different kinds of puppets while the elder children (8-15 years) were introduced to different modules that developed in them the skill of leadership. Various theatrical exercises were conducted for the children that were not only fun and engaging but also offered important learnings. The children showcased their prowess in narrating stories using puppets and other theatrical techniques. The show encompassed many interesting acts such as the Dwarf-Man show, Finger, Bag and Sock Puppet show, Radio Jingle, 3 picture Story and a short play. Although it sounds unbelievable, the entire show was planned and executed by the children themselves. The show was also hosted by the quirky Mahika aged 9 years!

Mr. Naveen of Evam’s Happy Cow who trained the children addressed the audience and expressed his surprise at the immense talent of the kids. He shared his experiences at the workshop saying that it was enriching to work with young children. Mrs. Athula, a parent of one of the children in the workshop spoke about the importance of letting children explore their creative abilities. The editor of Amazing Scribbles magazine urged the parents to encourage the kids to create and learn. Some samples of the magazine were also given to interested parents.

Mr. Naveen distributed certificates to the children acknowledging their efforts over the 2 weeks. The program concluded with an energetic, fun game that the children played every day in the summer camp. Filled with colours, energy, and creativity, the final program was a complete package.

Written by: Viveka M

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