Oslo- The Winter Dream

The capital city of Norway, Oslo, welcomes you with a powdered sugar aerial view in the winters. This sight is breathtaking to take in when one flies into this city. Snow-capped almost everything, that the land becomes hard to see. The city airport is so big that it has 50 trains running from the airport to the central city called Gardermoen. My first taste of Oslo was an ice cream from their popular food chain Seven-eleven.

This train journey to the Oslo Central station runs across the country filled with pine and snow up to one foot high. These galloping sights will engulf your eyes and you will not even realize how 40 minutes will fly by. At the Oslo Central Terminal, one can witness the heart of Oslo. Apart from locals, Oslo is home to a lot of foreigners from other countries who settle there. This is because people from all over the world come to work in Oslo.

I visited the Vigeland Park the next day. It is also known as the Frogner Park. This park was named after Norwegian sculptor, Gustav Vigeland. A Nobel Peace Prize winner, he is revered in Oslo for his striking imagination and skills. The park is home to 212 sculptures made out of bronze and granite, which were designed by him. All these sculptures culminated in the famous Monolitten, which has 121 figures trying to reach the top of this sculpture.  The skill and precision with which expression in all the sculptures are carved are a spectacle for the beholder.

Oslo city also has a beautiful bay by the Akershus fortress by Pipervika. The sunset here is absolutely mesmerizing. It almost feels like a gleaming ball of gold melting into the ocean as it brings the night along with it. Make sure you are all covered up in winter wear because the winter weather can send a cold chill down your spine. But the warmth of the scenery will warm your heart.

The closest tram is from Radhuset. We traveled to Splikersuppa. Home to the famous ice skating rink open in the winter season. This area is known for its famous winter Christmas market. The sounds of Christmas carols guide you into this temporary winter installation. Filled with shops selling authentic Norwegian winter wear and goodies and food. The winter market is a whimsical adventure of its own. Shall you find yourself walking those streets make sure you try some good old glogg and a ride on the Ferris wheel? The small market transports you into another magical world and brings out your Christmas spirit entirely.

While visiting Oslo one must never miss out on the exciting musical evenings. Many popular bands visit Oslo to perform. When I visited Oslo I was fortunate enough to see the band Oh Wonder! perform live at Parkteatret. It is an exhilarating experience to be part of such events. The people of the city are quiet but very nice to meet and talk to. They did not make me feel like I did not belong. Especially at musical events, they join you and make you feel like you belong by interacting with you.

Oslo has much more to offer and infinite places to explore. The city reveals itself to you with every new day and even when you leave, always has something for you to come back for more.

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