Replica Of Nirvana – Jammu

Is there a singular definition of beauty? Most of the scholars will say no merely on the basis of moral grounds. However,  there is no one who can deny that Jammu is defined on some definition which reflects beauty in every possible dimension. J&K is a land beholding the most mystique elements of nature and it’s winter capital Jammu is the city with doors to most of those elements. Despite being entangled in wars and conflicts, Jammu never fails in mesmerizing the soul of a nature lover. With snow-coughing mountains and crystal clear frozen lakes, Jammu is full of sights which appeases the eyes of every kind of human irrespective of gender or religion. Jammu always hits the note of harmony using its natural charm. It is often alluded as the ‘City of Temples’ because of multitudinous shrines and pilgrimage sites it embraces within its boundaries. It is encircled with mountain ranges and deep valleys running high enough to escape their peaks into the clouds. The history of the city of Jammu is very vast and compound. Ageing around 2000 years, It has been ruled by rulers of many descents such as Manhas Rajputs, Jamuwal Family, Sikh clans of Punjab and the Dogra Dynasty. Even though the history of Jammu has changed, the story of tourism has remained the same. There are many places to render adventure and peace in Jammu which ranges from Man-made magnificence to authentic nature’s artistry. The list of places to visit once stepped in Jammu is enumerated below.

Amar Palace

To experience the royalty amidst the green valley, sojourn at Amar Singh Palace which is a Museum now. The artifacts on display such as Golden throne of 120 kg and paintings of different kind showcase the majesty of rulers and their immense love for art. The museum/palace also incorporates a library with 25,000 archaic books.


Vaishno Devi

This temple of goddess Vaishno Devi is not an unpopular shrine in India. Almost every god loving Hindu pays his/her visit to this temple situated at an altitude of around 5,000 feet above the sea level. The topography of this temple makes it more astonishing.


Bahu Fort

Standing beside the blue waters of Tawi river, Bahu fort is an amazing place to experience realm in the arms of innate beauty. It is one of the oldest building that the city witnessed during the period of its own construction. Raja Bahucholan is the one to regard for this monumental brilliance.


Raghunath Bazaar

It will be an instance of imbecility to elude a trip to the local market of Jammu i.e Raghunath Bazaar. The streets full of tourists and natives is an amazing sight to look at for the inner peace. Handcraft works are to die for and clothing items lie phirens and shawls are the best buys to consider.

Jammu is not only about scenic beauty but also the appetizing delight. The Non-vegetarian plate of Jammu is a call for a party with mouth-watering dishes like Rogan Josh(lamb rolled in local spices), Khatta Meat, Seekh Kababs, and many more. Although the Non-vegetarian platter is a handful, the vegetarian ensembles are no less than that with dishes like Gul Gule, Kaladi Kulche, Kachalu, Chole Naan, Kashmiri Pulao, etc.

Jammu has everything that a holidaymaker looks for, so visit this city at least once in life.

Image Credits: https://www.holidify.com/pages/shopping-in-jammu-506.html

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