Reuben Paul- A Child With Brain of An Adult Genius

Age is just a number, achieving success and diving in fame depends only on the adamant attitude that one has for a victorious life. There is no fixed time to start working for the great cause and contribute to society. A determination born out of curiosity is generally the name given to the intelligent work a child gets involved in. The world is not enough for some to explore and they are categorized as child prodigies. Learning what is being taught is a sign of a sincere child but learning what is not in the books but in the surrounding is a sign of child genius. The burden of books and knowledge is light as feathers to such young nuggets and they start making ample use of their wisdom from an early age. India being a country with a population counting to billions, there are gems hidden in the depth of civilization. They know how to manipulate the roads so as to reach their desired destination in no time. The list of children of Indian descent with such a brilliant mind is long and this long-exhaustive list contains a name called Reuben Paul.

A 10-year-old boy working in the IT sector and ascending in it as well, this is not a script for a fictional movie but the real-life story of Reuben Paul. Living in the state of Texas, U.S, Reuben was already adapting to the world of whites when he was a brown skin himself and then the world of computers and network crossed his path. His Love for computer languages, Network and cybersecurity led him to the journey of exploration and he succeeded well in it. He is a recognizable face in the world today due to his skills and he can go invisible in the same world using his hacking skills. He is a proficient hacker, app developer, Cyber Security expert and CEO of a game development firm, Prudent Games, not to forget this is all he has accomplished within the 10 years of life he has spent on earth.
He may sound like a person sitting in one chair for a month, talking to no one but the headsets and playing video games all day; but he is not this kind of computer geek. He lives a life parallel to what every other 10-year-old lives but with a little elevation and that is the high-tech work he does in his free time. He was 8 when he developed his very first application which was a learning app in the game format. This was the very first brick to the foundation of a Prudent games company. He is the developer of the app called Cracker proof which is an app aimed at teaching the importance of strong passwords to portals used on social media. Some of his apps are already present in the playstore and others are in the work-in-progress stage. He has shared his sagacity in various cybersecurity summits held across the globe amidst some big names of this field. His ideology on cybersecurity and other concerned topics is very insightful. He is a star of everyone’s sky and is twinkling beautifully every day.

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