Sara and the Secret Village

There once lived a rich politician named Ned, who had a young daughter named Sara. She wasn’t just beautiful but was also part of her father’s political party council. She was responsible for the accounts of the committee and was better than any financial accountant who had worked for them earlier. Ever since she had taken up the job, the entire political association had taken a huge leap towards success.

It was 2016 and a hot summer day when the party was traveling through an almost desolate highway. They were famished when suddenly they spotted a small turning on the road leading to a village. Perplexed that a place like this existed, they started searching for something to quench their thirst.

The villagers noticed these men walking into their city and were puzzled. Soon enough word spread and the village head appeared. He welcomed them into his house and provided them with food and drinks.

Ned and his associates ate to their fill and were about to leave when the villagers surrounded them. The village head answered to a confused Ned,” It is customary in our culture that if you have taken something from us, you need to give us something too.” Relieved at hearing this said he said, “Oh my friend! You have truly been kind. I apologize. Ask me for anything.”

The village head smiled viciously and said,” I want your daughters to hand in marriage. Sara is the ablest young woman I have heard of. If you don’t agree to do that, my men and I will ensure your political downfall. They are ready to fake blasphemous charges for me. Make sure you keep your word. “

At that point, Ned wanted to escape and hence agreed. The platoon managed to escape. As they drove back Ned’s subordinate, Steve, said,” I fear this man will taint the image of our party if not appeased. Give her hand in marriage to him.”

Ned flew into a rage.” I cannot let this happen! “, he roared. No one spoke about it all the way back home.

On returning home the news spread like wildfire. Sara was strictly against it but the party members were scared for their lives. It would mean a loss of their livelihood if anything shook their industry. Soon these members formed a coalition and approached Ned regarding this. Ned was startled at how many people were affected by it and due to external pressure from them agreed to hand over his daughter to that man.

She was given to that village head as promised. On the other hand, life at the party headquarters wasn’t the same anymore. Their accounts were now unsupervised and every new accountant they hired could not match the expertise Sara had. The party was nearing the brink of existence. The same coalition who had approached Ned before, came again, “The party is not stable without her. We need her back. We all apologize to force you into it.” Ned who was already struggling due to the deal was now furious but happy at the same time that the people believed in his daughter.

He traveled back to the same village in disguise. Luckily the village head wasn’t around. He quickly sneaked into Sara’s house. He told her about how the party was crumbling without her. She wept on hearing this. Finally, it was time for them to leave. Ned told her that he would take her away in disguise and protect her but to his surprise that was not what Sara wanted. She said, “I don’t believe you are rescuing me, father. You traded my life for food a man gave you. A man I knew nothing about. But I am able now and I can get through this by myself. He isn’t a vile man and I have now given my word to serve this town. Here I have respect and adoration and these people will protect me till my last breath. I’m not coming back to you for your needs. Thank you for meeting with my father but I shall now ask you to leave safely before the town knows your intentions.” Saying this the daughter let him travel back empty-handed to the party’s end.

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