The Notorious Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a house at the very end of the street in which an old lady used to live with her pet dog named Ripple. She had a very simple and undemanding lifestyle. Even little things like sunrise, rainfall, blossoming of flowers and chirping of birds were enough for her to stretch a smile on her face. However, amidst an easy going life, she had one problem, a mouse. Since the day she started living in that house, a small but extremely notorious mouse lodged in her house too. It became difficult for her to keep her food safe from this tiny beast. She tried almost everything but the mouse always outsmarted her. Once she baked a cake to celebrate the birthday of her dog Ripple, but before she could celebrate the day with her dog and enjoy the delicious cake, it was gone. The old lady named him Mr. Notorious and always had curseful things to say about him.

Everything was going in its usual manner, old lady preparing food, Ripple trying to protect the food and Mr. Notorious eating it anyways. Nevertheless, one day a letter came in the name of the old lady with a ticket for a cruise stating that she has won the lottery and is awarded the free cruise trip for a week. The news was gulped in exhilaration by all present in the house including Mr. Notorious. She started packaging her suitcase and was high in elation. She thought that this cruise will give her the leisure time and rest from the slovenly mouse. At the same time, the mouse aka Mr. Notorious was packing his bags and was in full mood to luxuriate in a cruise. Despite trying so hard to sneak out of the house without making any sound and letting the mouse know of their whereabouts, he accompanied them on their vacation.

The whole enchilada of the cruise was mesmerizing and peaceful. The blue tidal waves and the mild gust of wind were perfectly contrasting the sunny day and a glass of cocktail in the hands of the old lady. She was lying down in composure in the bask of light letting the sunrays absorb all her tension and stress. But it wasn’t for long as Ripple caught his eyes on Mr. Notorious and started barking. The string of composure of everyone around suddenly broke. The old lady tried to calm Ripple but he was not in the mood of obedience. He started chasing Mr. Notorious and the chase took a nasty turn. Ripple started crashing into bar, tables, chair, even fell into the pool and thereby embarrassing the old lady in front of everyone. Rage filled her heart and this was the very first time that she cried and begged for Mr. Notorious to leave her alone forever. Mr. Notorious was a little wicked and playful but that day he felt very bad. He decided to leave the family he has been living with for years.

The remaining days passed in serenity. The last day woke up with the same picturesque view in the middle of the ocean. Everyone on the ship started packing their stuff back in and prepared to end this remarkable trip. Suddenly, the ship felt a heavy jerk. The passengers got worried and started to run in hassle to see what had happened. When they went to the Captain of the ship, he announced the due to some malfunction in the ship’s wheel, they were unable to rotate it in the right direction. The whole trip took an obscure turn when the ship started heading towards a standing oil ship. Everyone got paranoid and started chanting their verses. The captain said that the inner part of the wheel was stuck and a human hand cannot reach that small part. Mr. Notorious was hearing all of this and out of the blue, an idea clicked his mind. He was smaller than the human hand and pretty smart too, so he decided to go inside the mechanical part and remove the obstacle hindering the movement of the wheel. Ripple saw Mr. Notorious entering in the system and again started barking, The old lady asked him to stop and said that the little mouse has nothing better to do than make things worse. All of a sudden the wheel was free from hindrance and a mouse came out of the wheel. The captain shouted in elation and immediately turned the ship towards the shore. Mr. Notorious was praised by all for his heroic act and even the old lady smiled on him for the very first time. She even asked him to stay at her place.

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