The Perks of Petting a Dog

In a world that is full of chaos and confusion, it is natural for one to have a craving for love and concern. And what else but having a dog by your side would serve the purpose?
From boosting up your health to loving you when nobody else does, here are reasons why it is cool to pet a dog.

1. It keeps you fit.

If you are a night owl who cannot wake up in the morning or a busy bee who cannot make up time to go for a walk in the evening, a dog is all you need. Just adopt a pup and things will be set in order. Remember, by walking your pet, you also derive benefits of exercise and social interaction.

2. The best stress buster.

Physical fitness apart. Mental health is something that people lack nowadays. Where there is loneliness, there is stress and where the is a dog, there is no loneliness.
Having someone to look after, someone who looks forward to you keeps you occupied and lowers the cortisol levels in your blood (the stress hormone).

3. It guards your home.

Be it the milkman, be it the pizza delivery guy,  your dog starts yapping as soon as it perceives a stranger’s presence. We all have seen how our friend’s dog pounces on us each time we beat him (sarcastically)!

4. Provides company.

People staying alone or aged parents abandoned by their children receive the best relief from grief if there’s a dog playing around the house.

5. You will never know the smell of disloyalty.

Loyalty is the essence of a canine. People change. People betray. Dogs don’t. Feed it once, and it remains loyal to you until its last breath.

Get a dog for your kids. Let them grow with it. Gift people with dogs on their birthday. Feed a pup, and you will never get enough satisfaction elsewhere.
After all, each of us deserves to be welcomed home with flapping ears and a wagging tail.

Image Sources: Pexels.

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