Will-O’-Wisp By Child Author Ayush Moitra

The man sat on his knees, digging the ground

Slaving away at midnight, so he may not be found!

The place was eerie, the man was digging hard

The area was silent as the place was a graveyard!

Of a person unknown, he was uncovering his grave

The man hesitated, though he was brave!

He feared naught, lest he should be caught!

He heard some footsteps and turned around distraught!

He saw no one approaching, nobody was there,

It was just imagination, there was only thin air!

His emotions stretched to the limit, his mind filling with fear

His brain incapacitated, it was too much to bear!

He saw a blue glow, he shivered with fright

He didn’t see what was wrong and what was right!

As he retreated, his steps quick and crisp

The event was only a will-o’-the-wisp!

About the Author

The poem and illustrations were sent by Ayush Moitra, a 12-year-old 7th grader from Delhi Public School, Gurugram. He loves reading books, penning down his thoughts and drawing his imaginations. Besides being a brilliant student and an excellent writer, Ayush enjoys traveling and playing video games. We found this amazing talent in Kidwritez a facebook community which bring together child authors, editors andillustrators.

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