If you have a dream, then this movie will definitely push you to want to achieve it. Zootopia is a melange of animal kingdoms juxtaposed in a whimsical version of the human world. We are introduced to a society where anthropomorphic animals co-exist. We meet the protagonist of our story, a bunny named Judy Hopps who is from a small town with big dreams of becoming a police officer.

She perseveres through extremely difficult tests and becomes the first bunny to ever become a police officer along with achieving the award for the academy valedictorian. Despite being a star student she, unfortunately, lands up doing parking duty. Even when she leaves her parking duty job to catch a robber (a weasel named Duke Weaselton) stealing night howlers she doesn’t receive much praise. During this time Mrs.Otterton walks into the police station demanding the police chief Mr. Bogo to track her husband Emmitt. Emmitt was one among 14 other predators who mysteriously turned “savage” and then went missing. Immediately spotting an opportunity, Judy requests chief Bogo to let her do the assignment and find Emmitt but under a condition. She must solve the case in 48 hours. She also meets a street fox named Nick whom she blackmails to help her with the job using a tax evasion recording that she had.

The story moves on to Judy and Nick researching the various parameters of how Emmitt went missing. On retracing Emmitt’s last known location, they find that he had traveled in a limousine to the house of a crime boss named Mr. Big. On meeting him Mr. Big reveals that Emmitt had indeed visited them but suddenly turned savage and attacked the chauffeur (Mr. Manchas) of the limousine that was sent to him. For further investigation, they go to Mancha’s house to question him about the attack. He tells them that Otterton had said something about the “night howlers”. To their surprise, he first appears extremely scared but suddenly turns savage and attacks Judy & Nick. The two somehow manage to capture Manchas in the chase but by the time ZPD came back, Manchas had mysteriously vanished in thin air.

This enrages chief Bogo and he demands that Judy resign from this job. When this happens Nick immediately steps in and reminds the Chief that Judy still had 10 hours to solve the case. Trying to figure out how Manchas went missing, Judy and Nick go back to the city to check the traffic cameras. They see a group of foxes who Judy calls the “night howlers”. They located these wolves and broke into their facility secretly to unearth some shocking evidence. All the predators who had gone missing were there, imprisoned by the mayor of the city Leodore Lionheart at the Cliffside Asylum. Judy reports this to her chief and the mayor is arrested for false imprisonment making Ms. Bellweather the new mayor.

Judy is given high praise for the arrest but in her police statement she slips her tongue and says something inappropriate. When asked to comment on why the mayor would have behaved the way he did, she blames the reason on him being a predator by origin and hence creates a rift between predators and prey in the city. This upsets Nick and he leaves her and goes away.

Judy quietly resigns from her job and goes back home to Bunnybrow were she discovers a new fact about night howlers. She learnt that if they are consumed it makes one go “savage”. Judy realizes that the case she had solved had a completely new dimension. She returns to the city and makes amends with Nick. Together they confront Weaselton and ask him whom he was stealing for. He tells them that it was for a ram named Doug. Together the duo locates Doug and his underground lab where he was making dart guns filled with night howlers. They realized that this was what was causing harmless citizens to turn savage. With this evidence, do Judy and Nick find the real criminal? Is it Doug or was there someone else involved? That is for you to find out at the end of the movie!


Image Source: movies.disney.com

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