Blueberry – The 17-year-old girl going to Mars

In 2033 Mars is going to be the closest it has ever been to earth in thousands of years. The radiation levels of the sun are also predicted at an optimum low. This is the year when Alyssa Carson will probably visit planet Mars.

Alyssa is a 17-year-old girl who is currently the youngest astronaut training with NASA. She was given the codename Blueberry and is currently preparing for her journey to Mars when she turns 32. Alyssa’s life is extremely inspiring to all those children who dream big. Her resume is probably one that many people are jealous of.

Alyssa had developed an interest in space at the mere age of 3 and then there was no turning back. She had learnt from an early age that going into space was not an easy task. Despite this, she prepared herself for all the hardship coming her way and has not looked back ever since.

Apart from being a regular child going to school, she has also accomplished other feats. Alyssa is the youngest student who has ever graduated from the Advanced Space Academy. She has attended all the 14 NASA space camps across the globe. She even has a license to fly a rocket! She doesn’t even have a driver’s license yet. She also has a basic scuba diving license and is currently working to get her advanced license. She is study the International baccalaureate (IB) course which teaches college level classes. Apart from all this, she is also studying in 4 different languages that is English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Her big plans for when she does land on mars is to terraform it. That is, to grow plants and make the surface of Mars more habitable for human beings. By doing this she will be part of the first generation to create living on Mars a reality.

Alyssa’s father has been extremely supportive of her big dream. As difficult as it may sound he has just a few more years to spend with her until she travels to space. No one knows whether she will be coming back to earth, or whether she will be a part of the colonizing of Mars. Despite this uncertainty, her father is pushing her towards her goal and supporting her.

He said,” For what she is going to do. I have to support her. I have to let her go. What she is going to do is bigger than the two of us.” – Bert Carson, Alyssa’a Father

For now, she part of the PoSSum academy (Polar Orbital Science in Upper Mesosphere) and is also the youngest to have been accepted there too. She is studying varying subjects like micro-gravity training, traveling in manned spacecraft’s and un-manned spacecraft’s and so much more.

Her big dream indeed has demanded a lot of sacrifices from her. She cannot start a family any time soon. She will be leaving behind 32 years of her life on earth and so many more emotional ties. But she believes it is all for the good of humankind.

“It is very important that we keep exploring.. Just going to Mars will be that baby step” – Alyssa Carson

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