Celebration of Folk Art Forms at Vyoma

Colours, vibrance, energy and enthusiasm were at the peak at the final performance of the children’s summer program at Vyoma. A dozen city kids danced to the folk beats of Yakshagana, Dollu Kunitha and Kamsale on Friday, 3rd May at Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre, JP Nagar. The performance was the culmination of the 10 day workshop on Folk Dances of Karnataka. The summer program was curated by Vyoma in association with Ms.Priyanka Mohan of Yaksha Degula and Mr. Hidayath, an accomplished folk artist.

Over the 10 days, the children were introduced to various folk art forms. The program was aimed at introducing the distant and rural art forms to the children in the city and to develop in them the social skills required for these art forms. The folk dances test the physical strength and focus of the performers.The children showed utmost enthusiasm in learning these dances, challenging themselves to the task. One could see their hard work reflecting in their performances. They put up a mesmerising performance comprising of 3 dance pieces quickly shifting from one dance to another despite the stark differences between the dance forms to a 50 strong audience. Their energy was infectious!

Ms. Priyanka, who taught Yakshagana addressed the audience stating the importance of practicing these art forms, not only to continue the diminishing arts but also as to develop oneself as an individual. Mr.Hidayath spoke about how art forms transcend the boundaries of religion, adding that folk dances form the basis of several other performance arts.

The chief guest of the program Mr.Shankar Balkudru, a senior Yakshagana artist in his address urged the students to continue their learning of the folk dances. He also congratulated Vyoma for providing the right space and opportunity for the children to practice these art forms. He expressed his dream of the rural art forms becoming popular in the city akin to how an alien sport like Cricket has become a sensation in India. He also distributed the certificates to the children acknowledging their efforts over the 10 days. The students also received a copy of Amazing Scribbles magazine. Concluding with an energetic rhythm dance by the parents and audience, the final performance of the camp was a wholesome experience.

Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre is conducting two more summer workshops starting from the 6th of May. These workshops titled “Storytelling through puppetry for 5-8 year olds” and “Leadership through theatre for 8-15 year olds” are being conducted in conjunction with a Chennai based institution called Evam’s Happy Cow. The registrations for these programs are open. You can visit http://youandmetheatre.com/vyoma/summerprogram/ to register for the programs.


Article by: Viveka M

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