3 Simple Habits For A Healthy Life – Doing Them Right

Leading a comfortable life is a priority today. Our lifestyles have changed drastically over the past few decades bringing comfort and luxury up the ladder, pushing health and happiness down. With the increasing health issues being faced by people of all age groups, there has been a visible change in the way they are looking at inculcating certain simple habits for a healthy life.


In this technologically advanced era, people indulge in luxury more than required. Some people use cars and bikes to travel a short distance, which could’ve been covered by a ten-minute walk. Walking is the most basic exercise a person can do. Instead of spending thousands on the gym membership, we can just walk to stay healthy. Unlike other forms of exercise, walking doesn’t need any special equipment or training. Just replacing your day-to-day activities like, taking the elevator or going to a shop on the bike, with walking is enough to maintain your physical health. Walking has a ton of advantages such as – it can reduce the risk of diabetes, decrease the amount of bad cholesterol, make your bones and joints stronger and reduce the chances of back pain, among others.


While eating your favourite food like pizza or cake isn’t bad for your health, consuming them frequently and in a large portion will lead to unwarranted health complications. Eating more greens and fruits, switching to brown bread and sugar, restricting your food portions and reducing on animal fat can do wonders in weeks. A common misconception among the general public is that ‘health food is not tasty’, there is a whole range of foods that taste as good, if not better than the unhealthy alternative. Staying fit is simply the balance between eating and working enough to burn off the consumed food.


Yes, sleeping is healthy for you. While people think that sleeping is a sign of lethargy, it is actually your brain telling you that it is tired. Sleeping for a proper amount of time (7 to 9 hours) can help in a lot of ways. It refreshes your brain and reduces the stress. It has been proven scientifically that sleeping improves your memory. So, having a good night’s sleep before the day of your exam is probably more beneficial than staying up late to study. Sleeping also reduces the chances of heart attack, stroke and various types of cancer.

Combining these three basic habits should prevent any undesirable problems and help you in leading a healthy life.

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