Learn How to Make a Snowman for your Christmas Tree !!

Christmas is fast approaching and we are super excited about decorating our Christmas tree. Bells, balls, stars, lights and what not!! We have gathered all those decoration items that will add beauty and glitter to our Christmas tree.
It’s Christmas and winter season and so I thought I should invite a Snowman to my house to join the other dolls and decoratives near the Christmas tree.
So how about making our own Snowman?
snowman for christmas
This snowman was designed in my Studio, Arttree Design Studio for a craft assignment and it is easy to do with the easily available material. You can always be creative and modify using your own ideas.

Snowman with old socks

Materials Required:

  1. Plain white sock – 1Nos
  2. Coloured pattern socks – 1 Nos
  3. Handmade paper or chart paper- As required
  4. Googly eyes – 2
  5. Cotton – 1 bundle
  6. Black Marker
  7. Fabric Glue for sticking
  8. Red Round sticker bindhi
  9. Thread or yarn
  10. Cardboard or foam sheets for base


  1. Stuff the white socks with cotton until it’s full. Secure the cotton by tying a thread at one end of the socks. Tie another thread to separate the head and the body of the snowman.
  2. Cut a small price of patterned socks and place it around the neck. Wrap another piece to make it look like a stole. Add googly eyes, make a small cone with handmade paper and stick them on the face with fabric glue. Draw a smiley mouth.
  3. Cut the shape of a hat with handmade paper and attach it to the head to cover the end of the socks. Attach 3 bindhis to the body. Place the snowman on a cardboard and stick more cotton around to look like snow.
  4. The snowman is ready.
  5. Use fabric glue on all the attachments for best results.
christmas snowman

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