Life, Waves And The Silence In Between



The long walks under the moonlight
Along the shore.
The wind gently blowing
Your hair flowing
Like the water dancing
In the ocean
I do.
Me, leaving footprints
You, walking beside them
As the waves erased them,
Cleaning us and what we were
A moment ago.
I do.



I ponder over life
Sitting on the shore
Looking at broken shells,
Crawling crabs and rotting cells
Of turtles too young to be dead
Crows feeding on its head
Guts filled with plastic
It lays there on the sand motionless, static.
I put my head down and think,
When did we forget our origins
Ocean, where all life begins
Where all ocean-life dies.
The waves hit the shore
Filling the silence with its roar
Fighting a hopeless battle it cries
Fighting, till it dies.



The wave keeps coming back,
kissed by the sand
she reaches out for love,
Only to be pulled back by grief.
Hitting the shore,
abused by the cliff
amused why she still goes back
to a place, she can’t come back from.
Roaring along the edge of the world,
she fights back,
saying ‘once more, I’ll try.’
Stuck in this beautiful nightmare
for eternity, she cries.


image source: Pexels, Kartheek

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