World migratory bird day

Making Technology Eco-friendly – World Migratory Bird Day  

Inaugurated in Kenya in the year 2006, ‘World Migratory Bird Day’ has since been celebrated annually on the second weekend of May, by supporters and organizations from over 80 countries. The campaign is organized by Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) and the African-Eurasian Migratory Water-bird Agreement (AEWA). It emphasizes the importance of using environment-friendly energy technologies so that it has minimal effects on migratory birds and their habitats.

This year, ‘World Migratory Bird Day’ will be celebrated on 13th May with the key theme being “Their Future is our Future”. What does this mean? The theme aims at spreading awareness about how energy generation and conservation could make the path that migratory birds take to make their journey safer. Along with this, it will help each country develop a more green and sustainable future.

You’re probably wondering what this campaign has to do with you? Well, many really interesting events, related to the theme, such as; bird festivals, educational programmes, bird watching trips, presentations, film screenings, international photo competitions and a concert (to raise funds for international nature conservation) will be held in areas around the world. What’s more, such events will also take place in spots around India; including in Delhi, Uttrakhand, Gujarat, Karnataka and Jammu. These events will enlighten you about the issue, and how by changing simple habits you too can help in combating it.

flock of birds migrating

Migratory birds; cranes, storks and eagles, journey thousands of kilometers across entire continents. However, due to the ever-expanding human population and unsustainable use of natural resources, there are losses of the natural habitats upon which migratory birds depend. Thus, by developing eco-friendly technologies, each country can contribute to reducing the pressure.

India is regarded as a country having one of the world’s richest flora and fauna. Hence, can easily contribute to the cause of making energy bird-friendly. Simple solutions, if followed, such as; switching off unused lights, would make the lives of these birds less perilous.

Using eco-friendly technologies, that utilize; plant-based, recyclable, non-polluting and energy-efficient components. Some such technologies are; electric vehicles, solar panels, hydrogen fuel cells, green computing, hydroelectricity, wave energy etc.

India, being a country which will suffer adverse effects if these migratory birds were to gradually lessen, should implement the technologies mentioned. With proper planning and by implementing effective policies; we can help safeguard these migrating birds as well as build a more sustainable future for our country.

But for all this to happen, the word needs to get out. Spread the awareness, let everyone know, after all it’s up to you to make the world an even better place!

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