Summer Program at VYOMA Artspace and Studio Theatre

A fun learning of the “Folk Dances of Karnataka”

In our busy lives, there is little room to pause, unplug and appreciate these beautiful art forms. As a consequence, a majority of city-dwellers have remained largely disconnected (ignorant even) from them. It is gravely concerning that the younger generation is missing out on an important piece of learning. As a first step towards addressing this issue, Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre has curated the summer learning program on Folk Dances of Karnataka.

Karnataka home to numerous cultural art forms that reflect the vibrancy of the state. The dance forms are characteristically energetic and attractive than the other. While bringing out the beauty of the fragrant land, these art forms demand strict discipline and unflinching dedication.

The summer camp, presented by VYOMA Artspace and Studio Theatre spans over two weeks. Many popular dance forms shall be introduced to children and young adults. Accomplished artists in Yakshagana, Kamsale, Pooja Kunitha, and Dollu Kunitha shall be sharing their expertise with the participants, giving them a wholesome hands-on experience. The classes are aimed at giving a fun learning to the kids while inculcating in them the discipline and the social skills requisite for the art forms.

Priyanka K Mohan, a professional Yakshagana exponent who is the chief trainer for this program says –
“Apart from learning a new art form and knowing about its origin and styles, these activities help in building stamina, understanding rhythm and the skills of working in a team. I am very happy to see the enthusiasm shown by parents in getting their children to learn these skills.”

The summer camp has begun from the 22nd of April with the basics of Yakshagana and Kamsale in the first class. The students too have started with a lot of enthusiasm.
“These dances are very tiring. But I feel very energized. We had to form a human pyramid today. In the end, I am happy I could do it” says Mahika, aged 9 years, a participant of the program.

The summer camp culminates in a performance of the dance forms learned in the camp.

Vyoma, in its pursuit of building life skills and crucial social skills in children through their programs in theatre and other performing arts is also hosting two other summer camps:
Leadership through theatre (8 – 15 yrs)
Storytelling through puppetry (5-8yrs) .
These camps begin from the 6th of May and will be conducted by Team Evam. The registrations for these programs are open.
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Article Written by: Viveka M

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