A well-composed book is a magic carpet on which we are wafted to a world that we cannot enter any other way.

– Caroline Gordan

Children have the most imaginative minds that always wander around the most beautiful and dreamy ideas of flying ponies, talking bunnies or anything of the kind that we would definitely love to see in real world but are very well aware that it is not possible.

The book reading habit that most children these days have, has played a great role in developing their capability to think differently and dream of creative and fanciful beings and stories revolving around these characters.

These fictive thoughts in their little brains have the efficacy to bring out some wonderful literary work when given the right guidance and an effective platform.

Amazing Scribbles is one such platform that provides children with a great medium to improve both their reading and writing skills. A magazine uniquely designed for children of all age groups, Amazing Scribbles is a caboodle of a variety of interesting genres, for which children get an opportunity to write on the topic of their interest.

So register your children right away and let the budding writers in them flaunt the magic of their words.

Sowmya Garimella,

Founder & Editor, 

Amazing Scribbles