Summer Program at VYOMA Artspace and Studio Theatre

A fun learning of the “Folk Dances of Karnataka” In our busy lives, there is little room to pause, unplug and appreciate these beautiful art forms. As a consequence, a majority of city-dwellers have remained largely disconnected (ignorant even) from them. It is gravely concerning that the younger generation is missing out on an important … Continue reading Summer Program at VYOMA Artspace and Studio Theatre

YOGA: The Science of Healing

The human body is a canvas drawn with subtlety by the almighty. However, instead of being obliged for it, we are busy ruining it with our rancid daily routines. Eating junk food, sleeping late at night, watching television and other media consoles all the time, these are some of the common habits that humans have adopted since the time of evolution.

Akrit Jaswal: The Boy with Science in Blood

If the question is asked so as when does a child starts studying earnestly? The answer will fall in the range of 13 to 15 years of age. At seven, most of the children are busy goofing around playing with their friends and enjoying the simplicity of childhood. Nevertheless, some like Akrit Jaswal decided to skip the days of puerility and learn everything that the world of medicine has to offer.

Oslo- The Winter Dream

It is Winter again. And for those who are planning to pack their bags and visit a nice place, here's what we have on our list. The capital city of Norway, Oslo, welcomes you with a powdered sugar aerial view in the winters.

Life Backup-Mars

Mars is considered as a hospitable planet for colonization and extensive research is being made, human survival would require complex life-support measures and live in such artificial conditions, the efforts for which are still on a run.

Movies You Must Watch This Summer!!

It is the summer of 2018 already, and I remember re-watching a ton of movies from the last time this list was published here. This time, though, the list is not restrained to feel good movies alone, but we've got some pretty good ones to watch whilst sipping our lemon teas and iced carbonated drinks.

World migratory bird day

Making Technology Eco-friendly – World Migratory Bird Day  

Inaugurated in Kenya in the year 2006, ‘World Migratory Bird Day’ has since been celebrated annually on the second weekend of May, by supporters and organizations from over 80 countries. The campaign is organized by Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) and the African-Eurasian Migratory Water-bird Agreement (AEWA). It emphasizes the importance of … Continue reading Making Technology Eco-friendly – World Migratory Bird Day  

artificial intelligence robots

Artificial Intelligence at Your Doorstep

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is closer than we think. Humans have been fascinated with it for long. AI had been the subject of many many Sci-fi novels and movies. Whether we welcome it or feel threatened or before we decide how we respond to it AI is already knocking at the door.

10 Fun Facts you probably didn’t know!

The world around us is full of crazy, bizarre things, most of which we fail to notice, given the intricacies, we deal with every day. But these small things are quite interesting and once we come to know of them, we start thinking. Let’s now take a quick look at some such super cool fun facts!


Dusk is a story set, as the title suggests during Dusk, in a somber town. The protagonist of the story, which is narrated in a third-person perspective, is Norman Gortsby, a man who sees and reflects the hour in focus.

Garden city of India

Known as both the "Garden City" and "The Silicon Valley of India," Bangalore is a geek's heaven, gloating the most noteworthy grouping of IT organizations in the nation. When you're set geeing out, there are a lot of greenhouses, exhibition halls, characteristic components, castles and sanctuaries to fill your move card.

Edutainment – Education with Entertainment

The word 'edutainment' may be a new coinage but the concept is age-old. As the term suggests, it is learning made fun. Instead of treating education as a bitter pill to be swallowed for the greater good, education should be a potion to be lapped up with great interest and eagerness for all-round development.

Gangtok- The Underrated One

The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is an appealing traveler goal, mirroring an exceptional climate which gets from its upbeat mix of custom and advancement. Throughout the years Gangtok has encountered blasting economy and progression of the way of life. In any case, it has stayed as a serene place with a blend of various societies and ethnicity.

Boost Your Brain

A healthy diet contains sufficient vitamins to provide us energy, building material, and protection against diet deficient in diseases. Study of neuroscience reveals the effects various components of the diet such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates fats, dietary supplements and food additives have on brain cells.

The Droid that changed the World!

A simple interface designed for touchscreen devices based on gestures like pinching, tapping and swiping which make mobile devices quite user-friendly, Andriod is all that's making it possible.

Tawang – An unruffled mesa

Erstwhile Tawang District was a Sub-Division of West Kameng District till 5th October 1984. This district is situated in the western most part of Arunachal Pradesh spanning approximately 2,172, bounded by Tibet (China) to the north, Bhutan to the southwest and Sela ranges separated from West Kament district in the east.