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Artificial Intelligence at Your Doorstep

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is closer than we think. Humans have been fascinated with it for long. AI had been the subject of many many Sci-fi novels and movies. Whether we welcome it or feel threatened or before we decide how we respond to it AI is already knocking at the door.

Wondered How Processors Are Cooled ?!

The evolution of computers from ENIAC to the extremely portable laptop has made computing an everyday task. The then used vacuum diodes became extremely heated that diodes had to be replaced after every hour or less. With a little improvement, lifespan was increased to about a day or two but heating was the major obstacle being faced by computer engineers.


The driving power behind all the electronic gadgets is a computer. But not the regular computer you use at home or in school, but it is a small computer which can easily fit in your pocket. It is the Microcontroller. Though micro-sized, it has the capacity to control big things.

Cubimorph-A 'Smart'phone

The era of smartphones has seen umpteen models with different features. Every day we see a new development in the smartphone industry challenging the older variants. The Cubimorph is a sensational product that will change the entire face of the future of smartphones. Find out how !!

Mistaken With A Hoverboard?

Technology always has something new and exciting to offer to us humans, which makes our lives easy and happening. From carts to cars, transportation has seen tremendous change and improvement. Now, taking personal transportation to the next level, Hoverboards are creating a buzz everywhere!!


Technology always has something intriguing to offer for a mind that tries to quest for reasoning, learning and creating cool stuff. Programming is no more an arduous job. It has become easier and more fun than before. Find out how to create your own interactive stories without a hitch.