man vs nature

Is Man More Powerful Than Nature?

Hi! This is Aparajita. The first thing somebody asks me when they hear my name is what does it mean? It’s so unique! Well, I will get to that in a while, but first, here’s the topic for this article.

Is man more powerful than nature?
Can he fight nature?

It’s an age old conflict: man vs nature, and here is my take on it.
Man has the ability to speak, listen, taste, smell and see. Besides being blessed with these awesome abilities, he has the power to think. The power of thought. What does this mean? An animal does what its forced to do. A man has the ability to decide and choose for himself.

And this power of thought, has a very strong effect-belief. These thoughts, if become repetitive form neural pathways. The more a particular thought gets reinforced, the stronger these neural pathways become. That leads to belief, and automatically becomes our go-to way of thinking.
Why am I talking about belief?
Man has believed since centuries that he can do something if he wishes to. He can become somebody if he wishes to. Man today believes that he is strong. Stronger than before, and the strongest ever. And that he can fight anyone, even nature.

2020-a revolutionary year. The start of a new decade, and a new generation. How can I describe the man of 2020? Tech-Savvy of course! It’s all about being in control. Of your house, tv, phone. Just use your voice to command anything, and get work done in seconds!
It is the belief that bought man here today. And it is that belief that made the world around us. Wait, is it really? Is it belief? Is it us who made us? Then, are we ones to make this earth? Are we the ones to create the lands and seas?

man vs nature ocean

It’s a no-brainer. We did not. Then who?
We can simply put it as nature. It is nature who is the earth. The plants, trees mountains are all nature. The OG earth that was once green, lush and beautiful, now polluted, cramped and dusty.

Collectively everything in the physical world, that are products of the earth are all nature. It is the tallest mountains and the deepest seas. It is the flying birds, and the crawling ants. It is the magma in the core, it is the air up high. Nature is 2 extremes. And we, need to maintain the balance between the extremes, to live in a peaceful world.
If nature is everything that are products of earth, then aren’t we a part of nature? Then as said before, if man thinks that he can fight nature, his war is inevitably a war against himself.

Only if one realizes that he is nature, and he can create an unbreakable bond with nature. Once man starts to explore and connect with nature, he will instantly realize that his bond with nature is undefeatable.
Not because he believes it is, but because it is.
And to conclude, my name ‘Aparajita’ means undefeatable in Sanskrit.