5 simple ways to take care of our vision

Our world, a blend of people and places, is magnificent and the tiny and the most neglected body part which helps us to view this heavenly surroundings is our eyes. Eyes, the most crucial part is also the most carelessly treated by human beings from their early age itself.

We commit many mistakes when it comes to taking care of our eyes like rubbing them too often, reading in dim light and not washing them regularly. The main reason leading to the damage of our eyes is the technological advancements. With the inventions taking place in this field, it has taken a toll on our vision. Televisions, mobile phones and computers have struck a right chord with people particularly with the children since their eyes are always glued to these gadgets.


Since there is no one to strictly refrain us from these habits in our childhood only, the damage keeps on piling up until we suffer from visual impairment and have to carry those big glasses in such a tender age. But, there are ways to avoid these problems and have a perfect vision only if you follow them with dedication.

  1. Washing eyes intermittently: This is one such habit that eye specialists definitely recommend for improving eyesight. In between your studies or even if you have done too much of computer, get up to wash your eyes at least once in an hour. Make sure the water is clean.
  2. Wear UV protective sunglasses: Sunglasses are not meant for fashion! Whenever you step out of your house, make sure to wear them to protect you eyes from harmful sun rays.
  3. Take a break: Usually, children get so engrossed in their computers and televisions and they spent two-three hours continuously on them which is very dangerous. When we stare at something and that too very closely, it puts more stress on our eyes as they expand. So, in between your work, take your eyes away from the screen and look somewhere farther to relax your eyes. The same goes while reading. Hold your book at a distance which is not too close and not too far.
  4. Regular check-up: Consult your eye-specialist at least twice a year. Sometimes, a minor eye problem goes unnoticed until it becomes a major one. So, it is better to have a regular check-up. Also, interact with your doctor to know more about eye care and eye problems. 1209471651
  5. A healthy diet: Finally, good and healthy food is a solution to all problems. Eat the food rich in vitamins and minerals like leafy vegetables. Eggs, citrus fruits and dry fruits are also helpful.

We have been given the gift to view this world of myriad colours. Ask a visually impaired person about the hardships they endure and you will know how precious your eyes are. So, let us take care of them to live our life with content.

Image Courtesy: gersteineye.com, pexels.com