The world is full of interesting beings and intriguing facts that you did not know. There exist so may beguiling things in this world, that you would be amazed to read about them. So here are 10 interesting facts you probably didn’t know and will find it hard to believe when you read them.

  1. Years ago when ants invaded the island of Koolan, Western Australia, people didn’t have a leg to stand on. Now all the houses on the tiny island, where iron ore is mined, are built on stilts.
  2. John Hetherington wore the first top hat in London in 1797 – and it went to everyone’s head. Women fainted, dogs barked and a large crowd gathered. the baffled wearer was arrested for frightening people. 
  3. The largest water plant, a giant lily from the Amazon, can support a child on its ten-foot leaves.
  4. Did you know that the Orient Express, one of the world’s famous trains, had a royal driver? Whenever it passed through Bulgaria on its way to Turkey, King Boris III used to climb aboard and take the controls.
  5. The game of dice began with cube-shaped knuckle bones brought from the far east by the Romans.
  6. If we could jump as well as a grasshopper, in proportion to our size, we would be able to leap from the pavement onto the roof of an eight-storey building.
  7. Despite being so clever, the Chinese were also very superstitious. Because they believed that the evil spirits could fly only in straight lines, they used to build their homes with rounded corners to confuse spirits!
  8. Can you believe that up until the early 19th century, your shoes would be made exactly the same for both feet? Painful!
  9. The ancient Egyptians used to worship the cat as representing their chief gods, Ra and Isis. When a house cat died, the people would shave off their eyebrows and go into mourning for it. When a temple cat died, the whole city would go into mourning.
  10. Penguins look very odd on land, waddling about. But underwater, a penguin can reach great speeds enough speed, in fact, to be able to leap seven feet into the air.

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