Five smartphone apps that help you stay healthy

In today’s world of constant stress and ambition, one most important thing is being neglected, and that is health. We forget to understand the fact that in a healthy body dwells a healthy mind. Being fit and healthy is necessary for being able to think properly and give our maximum effort to anything we do. Also, one thing that has today become inseparable from all of us is the smartphone. So what if there’s a way to use this piece of electronics in our hands to help us stay fit? The Google Play Store is replete with apps that help you keep track of your health. Here’s a list of some of them.

  • Runtastic

Are you a daily walker? Be it the morning walks for fitness or the short walks from home to school and back, Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker helps you track your walking, jogging and running activities along with providing tips from professionals to help you reach your fitness goals. It has great features like creating a group with friends that comes with a leaderboard, tracking your fitness workouts using GPS, and you can also use the app directly on your smartwatches.

  • 1mg

The 1mg – Medicines, Health tests, Doctor consultation app gives all the information about any medicine or tablet that you enter. It tells you the contents, substitutes and side effects of the medicine and also suggests cheaper alternatives. Not only this, it also gives you regular health tips and lets you order medicines online, book health tests and packages from certified labs in your vicinity with free sample pickup, and book appointments with doctors near you.

  • MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal app is a perfect way to track diet and exercise to determine the optimal caloric intake and nutrients. With a huge database of more than six million foods all across the globe, it helps you get acquainted with a number of calories and the nutritional information about the food you are taking in daily. There are also other cool features like setting goals and reaching them through gamification elements that provide motivation.

  • Daily yoga

Yoga is defined in ancient Indian scriptures as a way of living that aims at promoting the physical, mental and spiritual well being of man. With innumerable health benefits, the practice of Yoga has again come into the limelight with the declaration of 21 June as International  Day of Yoga by the United Nations. Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans is an app that offers a number of asanas and lesson plans to help users master the basics of yoga in just about two weeks. The app also comes with various meditation music tunes to help you relax while performing the asanas.

  • SleepBot

Image result for sleep bot app

We spend, on an average, a third of our lives sleeping. And a good night’s sleep is mandatory for another day of productive work. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm is one app that not only lets you track your movements while you sleep but also analyses the data to give you tips on how to fall asleep and stay awake. It can tell you how long you fell asleep and if there are problems of snoring and sleep talking. It also allows you to set multiple customisable alarms to wake you up gracefully from the peaceful sleep you’ve just had.