Grandparents Are Special

A man went to a flower shop to order flowers to be sent to a nearby place. That order was for his grandparents who lived in a village 100 miles away.

 As the man came out of the flower shop, he noticed a little boy sitting on the bench outside the shop crying. He went to the boy and asked him, “What happened child? Why are you crying?” The little boy replied, “I want to buy roses for my grandpa and grandma but I have only 2 dollars and the roses cost 4 dollars.”

The man smiled towards the boy, got hold of the little boy’s hand and took him to the shop. There he asked the shopkeeper to give him the roses for his grandparents.
As the boy was leaving the shop to go to his grandparents, the man offered him a ride. The boy agreed and asked the man to take him to his grandparents. The little boy directed him towards the cemetery where he placed those fresh roses on the graves of Mrs. and Mr. Michael Clarke.
At that moment the man’s heart filled with pain and then he drove his car back to the shop canceled the order. He bought a bouquet and drove for 100 miles. Knocked the door, there stood a lady with a stick in her hand and smile on her face, who hugged and kissed him.
Life is too short. We should spend time with our loved ones. Love your grandparents as much as you can. They will never ask for anything. All they want is love and care. They may have silver in their head but their heart is all gold. They are the ones who strengthen you with prayer, bless you with love and encourage you with hope.

“One night, I wrote down all the things I was waiting to do with my little granddaughter, and it became a book, ‘I Already Know I Love You.’ It was one of those really lovely things in life,” says Billy Crystal, well-known actor, whose book is a beautiful expression of a grandparent-grandchild bond.
This is the reality. Our grandparents start loving us before we come into the world. They plan all their trips before we even open our eyes. They start thinking about playing with us way before we take our first step. They create a list of all the songs they want to sing way before we utter our first word.
No love is as pure as grandparents’ love for their grandchildren. They give us gifts every day – a smile on our face, a warm feeling of our heart, joy for our soul and sweet dreams for our nights. Grandparents know what life is: No one leaves their house with an empty belly, without getting a hug, and without hearing them say We Love You.
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