Have a SPORTing personality.

Most parents and students have misconstrued the concept of student life. For us, sitting in front of a table with stacks of books and mugging things up is the best strategy to shine brighter. Therefore, most of the students remain behind closed doors with sheets of papers as their only companion, oblivious of the outer world.
But, this perception of student life is totally ludicrous. Books are a plethora of knowledge but they are not everything. It is the outer world that enhances our skills and helps in our overall development and for this, you need to open your closed doors. Unless you don’t have sound mind and body, no matter how many books you lick, rising above will always be a daunting task.
One of the best ways to improve our skills like confidence, teamwork, leadership, time management along with physical strength and healthy mind is participating in sports activities.’Sports reveal the character of a person’ is very well said because the way you play brings out the leader and creativity in you. With mental development, it boosts your energy levels and gives an experience of handling tough situations.
Here are some of the perks of being a sportsperson:
1. Physical strength: Living sedentary lifestyle by studying all time means you are just using your brain. But, to remain physically fit, is imperative to move our muscles and keep them in that momentum. Go out and play some games with your friends in the evening. It will not only make your muscles strong but will refresh your mind.
2. Meditation: Sports is more or less a type of meditation. Since meditating daily helps our mind to divert from the daily routine and slip into our own peaceful zone, sports also relax our mind and gives us relief from sky-rocketing stress levels.
3. Healthy Competition: It stirs up the spirit of healthy competition in you. As a student, it is very important to indulge in positive competition with your peers which means the success of your friends motivates you to rise up rather than unhealthy one in which success of others is so enviable that you try to pull them down.
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4. Discipline: Sports brings discipline in your life. There is a fixed routine that you follow. It forces you to get up early and eat the right type of food. So, there is a particular pattern that you follow as a sportsperson and live an active rather than slothful life.
5. Positive Approach: Usually, students face many challenges in their journey and they tend to get stressful. But, when you are a sportsperson, life poses even more difficult situations and in this way, you get used to these tough circumstances and so you start viewing them with positive approach instead of getting tensed.
Every aspect of life has its own importance. While books and knowledge give you an in-depth understanding of how this world works, sports and games contribute towards improving your personality. As a student, try your best to live a balanced lifestyle in which there are bits of studies and sports both.
Image credits: blog.ivywise.com, quotemaster.org, cbse.chirec.ac.in, Triax Technologies