HoloLens- Change the future with mixed reality

The world of science never stops. Every day, we experience new technology which makes this world seem almost magical. Another step towards letting science fascinate the world is the creation of HoloLens by Microsoft. HoloLens is a headset like used to experience any VR world but the beauty of this creation is in its genius. It combines virtual reality with the physical reality and this creates mixed reality. Now you must be wondering how that is possible. Won’t it affect how we see the real world? Won’t both the worlds collide? The answer is no. This device has been designed so beautifully with the transparent lens, spatial sound, and various sensors, that it understands our surrounding well and incorporates the holograms into it. It doesn’t interfere with what already exists in the real world, it simply adds holograms in the free spaces. This helps in engaging with digital tools in the real world.

microsoft hololens hands on bottom angle

Let’s see a few areas where HoloLens could be used in a phenomenal way.

  1. Immersive ways to play: There are so many games which are about developing your own civilization or your farm. Few are battlefield games. All such games require a large area and I’m sure everyone has faced the difficulty of navigation and modeling the game as we’d like to. With HoloLens, whatever room you’re in, will be converted to your very own arena and you can live your game. The options that appear in the game will now appear in front of you in your mixed reality world. This will make the gaming experience as real as it gets.
  2. Visualizing work: Every company that designs new products would like to understand and see the design in reality. That would help them understand the size, the finishing and various other traits that just an image won’t do. The industry of automobiles would benefit the most by this. The design made can be seen in the mixed reality and it would help the developer’s team make changes to optimize the looks and performance.
  3. Teach and learn better: Whenever we want to try a new dish or use a new piece of equipment, we turn to videos online but at times they just don’t cut it because you need someone next to you to tell you how to proceed. With HoloLens, you can teach others and learn from them. If you’re on a video call and want to fix the TV and just can’t understand the wires, you can call someone experienced and they can mark, draw arrows and tell you exactly what to do! This saves a lot of time, hassle, and money.
  4. Explore new places: There are so many pictures and videos that we wish we were a part of. HoloLens makes that possible. Project the image you want to be in and enter the new world. It also helps better analyze images from different angles. This might shine a light on things that could be missed out on 2D images.

HoloLens Minecraft

The HoloLens has a unique way of not letting the holograms affect our interaction with the real world. The holograms are seen through the holographic frame, centered in the middle of one’s view. This, in turn, preserves the peripheral vision which helps us move freely and collaborate with the people around us. It uses the lock-step technology with advanced sensors. It also has HPU which processes large amounts of data per second. It helps you achieve harmony between the holographic and the real world in an exciting way. It comes in the development and the commercial version. Though the prices are quite steep, this is an exquisite invention. Spice up your mundane, boring life with the new HoloLens.

Image Courtesy: digitaltrends.com, pcadvisor.co.uk, www.eventbrite.com.au