How Well Do We Know It?

How would it be if our houses weren’t channelized with electricity,having no resources to communicate with the world, no more Xbox, PS’s to linger on ,no machinery available to do our daily chores? Did you just imagine a life without ease and comfort? Let’s just not time-travel to the old-age and thank the man-kind for laying the origins to evolve ‘TECHNOLOGY‘. The term technology creates a web in our mind relating it to the science, computers, smartphones, internet and whatever that strikes the mind at the moment.


The evolution of technology began long back from the stone age where man used stone tools to hunt.This was the age where striking the stone lead to the discovery of fire which is one of the fundamental elements of mother nature. This technology was then used to cook,to scare predators,etc. Construction of wooden huts provided them shelter.


The Neolithic Age saw the invention of the wheel  which changed their standards of transportation  and living.

The Middle age saw the use of pulleys, levers, clocks, wheelbarrow and windmills. Thanks to Renaissance for the Printing press.

Industrial Revolution was the major turning point for the inventors. Steam engine was one such example.

Second Industrial Revolution led to the advancement of technology by introducing electricity, incandescent bulb, powered flights and new means like telegram , radio, T.V,etc.


The pace of discoveries led to the invention of nuclear power, weapons, computers.The most important of all was the achievement of our first flight to the Moon. Modern Technology is the advancement of the re-evolution  of these discoveries to not only to meet the basic need but also ensure the luxuries.

Like the two faces of the coin technology too has two faces which is totally dependable on the way you utilize it, just like how the usage of the internet has become a boon as well as a curse to the society.


Enhanced our Lives:

  • In the form of mobile-phones, machines it has made our lives easier.
  • Keeps us updated.
  • Machines have alleviated the hard work in the industries.
  • Has improved standards of living.

Network & Communication:

  • The boundaries of ‘Distance’ has been broken by the Internet.
  • Communication barriers have been broken by the networking sites & apps  like Facebook,Twitter,Whats-app.
  • With E-tools almost everything can be done, for example e-banking, online-shopping,etc.

 Boosted Education:

  • Almost every academic material or answer can be found just by using online resources and apps.
  • Sites like YouTube,Edx,Khan Academy are cost-effective and enhance your knowledge.
  • Improves the adequacy of your communication as well as reading skill.

Life Savior:

  • With the inventions of instruments from stethoscope to the machines like X-rays/CT-scans,ultrasound and many more have improved our standard of living.
  • New innovations have helped in the treatment of incurable diseases like Diabetes,Cancer,etc.



  • Addiction to online video-games, chat rooms do effect your personality and make you less expressive.
  • It can also hamper your studies by creating concentration issues.

 Exploitation of your privacy:

  • If not careful you can fall into the trap of cyber-bullying.
  • Not all cookies are beneficial.
  • Vulnerability to hacking & privacy invasion.

 Isolation & Health issues:

  • No playing outside and keeping your body and eyes stuck at one place.
  • Leads to problems like obesity,weak eye-sight.


“In theory ,technology is neutral.It’s our choice to use it for good or evil for our betterment.”

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