KFC Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders was born in 1890. He lost his father at a very early age. His mother worked to run the family and Sanders used to take care of his siblings. He used to look after them and cook for them. And this cooking for siblings gave him good skills in cooking.

At the age of 10, he began to work for a local farmer. But after his mother’s second marriage he got upset and left his home and also his school.

At age of 14, he painted horse carriages and then moved to Indiana for 2 years to work as a farmhand. At the age of 19, he got married and did a job at Illinois central railroad but soon was fired from there due to a fight with a colleague.

After this, he studied law by correspondence. Later, he practiced law and due to some fight with his clients, he ruined his legal career too. He went back  to his mother and worked as labor for railways. He also worked as life insurance agent but failed there too. And after failing here he went to Kentucky to work as a salesman. In 1930, he was offered a rent-free station to run by Shell oil company. Here he served chicken dishes. He gained popularity due to his fried chickens which he made using 11 different spices.

He bought a service station, a motel and a cafe there and become very successful.

In 1947 he divorced his first wife and in 1949 married Claudia.


He then franchised “Kentucky Fried Chicken” in 1952 which is properly known as KFC today. Restaurants sales lead to the popularity of KFC and increase in income. But life was not so easy for him, somehow his sales dropped and he had to close his business. All his property was lost to pay the debt.

At age of 65, he was all broke and was living off on Social Security Check of 105$. At this time he decided to sell his recipe of fried chicken to other restaurants. He walked through every road of U.S. to find a customer. And after 4 years of continuous hard work, KFC became famous and successful. His net worth estimated that time was $3.5 million.

In 1980, Harland Sanders died at age of 90. In his last time, he tried to make his company worldwide more famous and still ran a restaurant with his wife where he cooked by himself.

The story of KFC Sanders teaches us to never give up. We should believe in ourselves and be very positive, no matter how many times we fail.

Image Courtesy: www.inquisitr.com