Meet Amandeep Singh, and the world of fusion illustration

If you’re wondering what illustration means, it’s the representation of any story, character, or personality in the form of artwork- like a painting, or a sketch. Illustrations are done by qualified, extremely talented professionals(illustrators) who have a knack for transforming a story or a verbally existing description of a person and depict it with art in their own style and way of understanding. These artworks, although varied based on the personal style of each artist, always follow a pattern and a certain study.

If illustration sounds cool to you, you should meet the people who do it. Amandeep Singh is a European illustrator with Indian ancestry, whose illustrations are a fusion of pop culture and historical art- and they’re just mind blowing! The website where he displays all his artwork for sale goes by the name Inkquisitive. Some of his fabulous art posted on his Instagram page are displayed below.

Amandeep uses concepts from the east and sometimes west and fuses them with typically west colours and style of art, although it is hard to make out when you see a masterpiece as good as the ones above. Every piece has a story to tell and is a feast for the eyes.

When asked in an interview what inspires him to draw, this is what he said:

The life experiences I have faced. I think experiences create so many inspirations and you can inspire yourself to do so many various things. Everything creates a story. It’s those things that I put into my artwork. I’m a storyteller. I make stories out of random things and that’s what inspires me the most: to continue to question things.

So whenever you want to express something, you can also try out art, apart from writing. If you’re good at art, you could take it to the next level, follow your style and create wonders like Amandeep. If you think you’re not good at art, you can still draw anyway because there are no rules to express emotion, passion or feelings. Go on, illustrate your heart out.

P.S. If you’re really, really inspired and interested, there are exclusive courses available for illustration and art learning. They can be professional as well as small term. For online courses, check out: