Mistaken With A Hoverboard?

All of us find those ‘punks’ and ‘vandals’  surfing with their boards in one of the most fascinating manner, from balancing the board on the ground or water to flying and flipping it in the air. Skateboarding has always been fascinating and adventurous to our eyes and when we hear about a hover board we almost confuse it with a skateboard.Well, we’ve seen them in the movies like Back to the Future Franchise, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, etc but now let’s get out of the virtual world and live the reality.


The Science Behind It:

Don’t they seem magical? A Hoverboard is a type of portable, rechargeable battery-powered scooter. They typically consist of two wheels arranged side-by-side, with two small platforms between the wheels, on which the rider stands. The device is controlled by the rider’s feet, standing on the built-in gyroscopic, sensor pads. A hover board features the following main components:

  •  A steel frame with a central pivot
  • A logic board
  • Two gyroscopes  Two infrared sensors
  • Two electric motors (located inside the wheels)
  • Two tilt/speed sensors (located inside the wheels)adt
  • Charging port
  •  Power switch
  • A battery pack
  • LED lights
  • Pressure pads
  • A plastic shell

Here is the complete story of how hoverboards work.Each component plays its role but it’s you and how you use it makes hover board THE HOVERBOARD.

Confused which one is the Best?                   

Since hover boards seem like the newest go-to item for the upcoming holiday. But it can be really difficult to figure out ‘your type’ from the different brands and models available. The following tips can help you decide the type of hoverboard you wish to buy.


  • Apart from the basic functioning, some Hoverboards offer blue-tooth compatibility with speakers for music and alerts as well as some have LCD screens for data-at-a-glance.
  • Different motor power control units give different accelerating power to the hover board.
  • Usually, Battery delivers around 8-10 miles in range.
  • LED lighting on the Hoverboard comes by default or can be customized as well.

Ease of Use:

  • Choose a brand of hover board that offers a rubber footboard with a large width
  • This makes it easier to hop on and off the board itself.
  • Strictly follow the instructions for a safe ride.

Look for Quality Boards:

  • The idiosyncrasy of the hover board should be a good.
  • Hoverboards have many different electronic components that can and have been defective, so finding a company that meets all standards is important.
  • US-based companies like are bound to quality-control standards and are more dedicated to providing superior boards to their buyers.

Safety Precautions:

  • Always wear a helmet while riding a Hoverboard.
  • If you are using a hoverboard, avoid crowds unless you feel completely comfortable with the board.
  • Avoid the distractions and focus on using the board, so as to avoid collisions with cars or people.

Consequences:   Hoverboards are not so cheap. A good quality Hoverboard starts from Rs 15000.


  • Track down  Amazon and eBay, where you will get honest reviews about the hover board you are interested in.
  • Word-of-mouth is one of the effective ways to end the confusion of the product as the riders often leave their reviews about the brand they are using.

Hoverboards are fun and probably amazing to own but make sure you’re careful about the hardware specifications, we wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt. Go On And Get One!