oliver and the ghost in the bedroom

Oliver and the Ghost in the Bedroom

Oliver turned the key in the lock and what he saw was horrible. Blood! Blood in his house. He got frightened, but still, he went inside. There were blood drops everywhere in the house. He thought a ghost might have haunted his house. Being fond of ghosts he went inside silently. The blood was carried to his bedroom and his bedroom was closed (not bolted).


So, he thought could scare the ghost away himself. So, he went to his dressing room, got a white blanket and put it over himself and went to his bedroom. He was tensed as well as excited to see the ghost and scare it away. He started to make a ‘whooo’ sound and opened the door slowly, finding his gardener with a bruised leg, blood oozing all around. His gardener, who thought Oliver was a ghost shouted at the top of his voice. Oliver was in shock seeing his gardener.

oliver and the ghost


He expected it to be a ghost. He removed his blanket and told his gardener not to get frightened. After his gardener calmed down, Oliver apologized to the gardener for his misunderstanding. Then Oliver asked the gardener how he entered his house and how he got bruised. The gardener then reminded Oliver that he had given him the house keys so that he can fetch water.


The gardener also added that he was bitten by his dog so he was bleeding. Now Oliver understood everything. He has made a big drama out of his imagination.


About the Author:
This short story was written by Chinmayee Chada, a student from Ramanath Secondary School, NSTL, Visakhapatnam. Chinmayee is an ardent reader and loves writing short stories. 

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