Small Girl With a Big Heart!

She learnt the perfect strokes of art from a private instructor and started unleashing her skills by producing amazing pieces of art. She didn’t stop there. She wanted to paint beautifully the futures of underprivileged children who do not have the proper resources to afford a good education. She wanted to fill the lives of poor children with the hues she uses in her paintings. She wanted to make a difference.

7-year-old Sanjana Bhosale, a grade II student at OES International School, Vasai, Maharashtra, displayed her humanitarian nature by deciding to donate her paintings to the cause of charity. When her mother asked her if she wanted to donate them to help poor children, Sanjana jumped with joy at the idea!

‘I want to help people through my art. Everyone deserves a good life. And, we can work together to help them live a happy life,’ says Sanjana.

The family decided to donate the paintings to the Debabatra Auro Foundation, where they have been put up for sale.

Sanjana worked on a special collection for the auction. She chose hope as her theme, as the proceeds are going to be used for providing education to needy children. Speaking of this, Madhavi, Sanjana’s mother said:

‘As the paintings are meant to help poor children, all her drawings are themed on the message of hope. For instance, the painting of the dancing girl represents ‘free spirit’, while that of the flying bird symbolises ‘following one’s dreams’.’

                                  The collection of paintings by Sanjana for auction.

Sanjana, you’re not only an inspiration to children of your age but to each and every one of us. Kudos to the philanthropist in you and to the wonderful human being in the making!

If you wish to buy the paintings, you can contact the Debabatra Auro Foundation at or call  +91 9930922314.

Image sources: Debabatra Auro Foundation, The Better India.