Summer Program at VYOMA Artspace and Studio Theatre

A fun learning of the “Folk Dances of Karnataka” In our busy lives, there is little room to pause, unplug and appreciate these beautiful art forms. As a consequence, a majority of city-dwellers have remained largely disconnected (ignorant even) from them. It is gravely concerning that the younger generation is missing out on an important … Continue reading Summer Program at VYOMA Artspace and Studio Theatre

Edutainment – Education with Entertainment

The word 'edutainment' may be a new coinage but the concept is age-old. As the term suggests, it is learning made fun. Instead of treating education as a bitter pill to be swallowed for the greater good, education should be a potion to be lapped up with great interest and eagerness for all-round development.

A Dialogue With An Engine Driver

We all enjoy traveling by train. The scenic view of the countryside visible through the windows and the fast blowing wind hitting our face make us forget the stress of our monotonous life. Did you ever wonder how this train is led by the engine driver from one place to the other? Let us get into the conversation with an engine driver and find it out !!

The Powerful Tiny – Raspberry Pi

The revolution in electronics brought by VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) leads us to the stage where we make a powerful computer that fits in our palm. This category of computers is called as ‘Single Board Computers’. Read to find out more !!