Treachery Betrays Itself

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Hunter’s eyes shone as the patridge groaned
After trying a lot this bird could be caught.
He just thought:

I’d call my friends on feast
Now I can prepare the patridge soup at least.
While he was planning the dinner the patridge crept near
Full of fear.

The bird was planning to escape, to fly free sound and safe
Timidly the bird spoke ‘Know what!
Our soup tastes yummy when hot
But I am just one even when I’m done
The stock won’t suffice
And that won’t look nice.
Let me off I’ll be back with my flock
Then you’ll have enough stock.’

The hunter began to wonder
To save its hind
This bird doesn’t mind to risk his flock
How unkind!

At last he said ‘If only you had begged
I might have let you off
But you are too clever by half!
You think betraying your friends is cool?
Remember! Treachery is the weapon of the fool.
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You are mean! You are vile!
You are treacherous! You are sly!
Now you crook prepare to meet your fate.
For my dinner I am getting late.’

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