Ten things I hate about you

Movies have come to affect us in innumerable ways. Some movies disappoint us, some devastate us and some change our lives. Some movies move us, make us think while some others relieve us of stress. Such an absolutely astounding young adult movie is ‘Ten things I hate about you’, directed by Gil Junger and starring Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger. While it may seem like a clichéd high school ‘chick flick’ movie, it is certainly a lot more than that.

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Sisters; Kat and Bianca

In the movie, high school boy Cameron develops feelings for Bianca, who almost every boy in school admires. But Bianca is forbidden by her father to date anyone at all. Her elder sister Katherine is an intellectual, unsocial girl; father’s ideal daughter, who has strong moral values and is firmly against the concept of dating on a whole. She admires literature and spirituality and repels rash high school kids who are too full of themselves. She is also very cynical. As the story commences, she gets selected for her dream college yet her father is too apprehensive to send her away.

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Joey manages to convince Patrick

Cameron gradually grows fonder of Bianca and her ‘no dating’ rule becomes a problem. Bianca, on the other hand, wishes to date a senior, Joey Donner. Cooking up a make-believe situation for allowing her to date Joey, she devises a plan and suggests Cameron find someone who would be willing to date Kat and would be able to convince her as well. He selects “bad boy” Patrick Verona to ask out Kat, but Patrick shuns him. Then he asks Joey to talk to Patrick under the pretense that this will allow Joey to date, Bianca. Joey agrees to this and manages to persuade Patrick to act on the plan. Patrick tries to woo Kat and devices adorable approaches to allure her. They realize that they have a lot in common and are extremely compatible with each other as well. They begin enjoying each other’s company.

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Bianca and Cameron

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Kat and Patrick

Soon as the story progresses, Bianca understands that Joey’s attraction for her is superficial and Cameron is the one for her. Patrick manages to charm Kat and falls for her as well. But soon Kat finds out that Patrick did all the things for money and becomes heartbroken.

In the end, Kat recites a heartfelt poem, ’10 things I hate about you’ written by herself in her English class and breaks down crying while doing so. She walks away from her class in tears. Patrick realizes his feelings and runs behind her to win her over. He buys her a guitar which she always wanted and she understands that Patrick isn’t deceiving her anymore.

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Kat breaks down while reciting her poem

Later, her father also allows her to go to her dream college.

This story is in a quintessential high school background, yet it is unlike anything you’ve seen before. With Kat’s perfect sass and incessant sarcasm and Patrick’s undeniable charm and Bianca and Cameron’s naivety, this story is sure to keep you glued to the screen!

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