the maze runner

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a series of dystopian novels written by James Dashner, an American author. The series consists of three novels, two prequels, and a companion book. The first book of the series was named The Maze Runner and was released on 6th October 2009. It is a fast-paced adventure novel, a must-read for all the dystopian and science fiction lovers. The setting is post-apocalyptic. Although the book was written keeping in mind all the young adults, it would not be surprising if the adults too are found lost in the world of The Maze Runner.
The main protagonist of the series is the character named Thomas who is a sixteen-year-old boy. Wobbly Thomas after gaining consciousness finds himself inside a lift. It seems his memory has been erased as he remembers nothing apart from his name.  He is soon surrounded by a group of fifty boys, all telling the same story.

the maze runner

They call themselves, “The Gladers” and the area they live in, “The Glade.” All the Gladers are stuck inside a huge maze and the sole purpose of their lives is to solve the maze and find the exit but till now no one has been able to do so. Thomas becomes a part of their clan and soon discovers that the maze is no ordinary maze. Every month a new boy is sent to the lift. There is a sudden turn of events when the next day of arrival of Thomas, a girl is found in the lift and she has a note clasped in her hand that states she will be the last one. There is something uncanny about Teresa. Unlike others, she has a faint picture of her life before landing in the lift. Also, she tries to communicate with Thomas through telepathy. The maze keeps opening and closing. There are Gladers who are assigned the duty of finding the exit to the maze. They start their run each morning and come back at dusk. No one is allowed to enter the maze at night. The Gladers have formed various rules and there are disturbing punishments for people who break them.

The story continues with Thomas trying to configure the way out, but there are numerous challenges that he has to face. There are diverse surprise elements throughout the book, but the best one is the conclusion. Reading the conclusion of the story will leave the reader baffled. One cannot remain satisfied just by reading the first part of the series. In fact, reading one automatically leads to another in search of what happens next. The whole series is packed with unpredictable twists and fast-paced action. The author has used some slang to communicate better with the reader.

The Maze Runner has been adapted in the form of a movie and the later parts are being filmed which will be released in the near future.

To summarise, the novel is worth your time and will keep you amazed at every step as the author has created a sublime plot which should not be missed at any cost.