What to do on the day before exam?

For a student, exam time is the most daunting and haunting part of his life. There is pressure from teachers and parents to perform well among competitive peers. There is a fear of failure lingering inside their mind. In such situations, students tend to lose their aplomb which makes things worse. Despite working so hard the entire year, students spoil their exams because of stress and fear.


It is important for students to enter the exam hall with a positive approach. Usually, the day before exam seems to be the longest one. Even if you have revised ten times, you keep on mugging things up till the last moment. The level of stress is highest on this day and it keeps on building up with every passing second. You study till late night and so end up writing the exam with less energy and concentration.

So, here is how you should spend your day just before your exam:

(1) Study less: As I said earlier, you tend to revise and learn till the last moment. But, this is completely harmful if you want to score high. When you keep on bombarding information on our brain, it will become tired. So, on the day before the exam, one-time revision is sufficient. After that, close your books and relax!

(2) Meditate: Since you already have studied so much, your brain needs rest. For this, meditation is the best way. Sit in a quiet and tranquil environment and close your eyes just for ten minutes. Do not think about your exam. Try to think positive thoughts and I bet, after this, you will feel revitalizing.


(3) Take enough sleep: If you have an exam the next day, you need to get enough sleep the night before. Go to bed early and avoid studying till late night.

(4) Avoid talking to friends: Usually, you call your friends or vice versa to share the feeling of fear and intimidation. You keep on repeating sentences like, “I am going to fail tomorrow”. This fills your mind with pessimism and you attract negativity. Also, refuse your friends if they are asking any doubts. Remember, you just have to do the revision once and nothing else.

(5) Divert your mind: Even if you follow all the steps above, you may end up thinking about your exam all the time. To avoid this, divert your mind and let it wander somewhere else. You can go out for a walk with your headphones and breathe fresh air. Or just watch a nice movie and have fun!

Becoming tensed and having goosebumps before exams are natural and show that you are a hard worker and want to score excellent marks. But, when it crosses certain limit so that you mess up every time with your tests, then it is a serious impediment to your growth.

So, get ready to control your stress before it controls you!

Image credits: zurreal.co.za, tinybuddha.com,topperguru.com