5 ways to become an early riser

Living a student’s life is a tough task. While you spend almost eight hours of the day within the boundaries of the school, you are expected to complete your assignments on time. From the remaining hours, you need to snatch some time to prepare for your exams too. So, a student is burdened with all these responsibilities and this calls for time management.

Usually, for students time management means studying till late night and getting sleep in the afternoon, especially during holidays, thus reversing the biological clock. Their theory is, nights are peaceful for studies and mornings are vociferous. But, dear students, you have got the wrong end of the stick!


To excel in your studies as well as other fields, waking up early is the first baby step towards success. And this is proven scientifically that successful people are early risers. While getting up early takes care of your health, it also saves time. You can use the first few hours of the day for studying, reading or even exercising rather than sleeping. When you start a day on a positive note, the entire day will be enthusiastic.

The brain of a human is active and full of energy in the early morning. Its grasping power is excellent. So, what you learn in one hour at night, you will take half of the time in the morning. In this way, you become more productive. Since you are loaded with projects and homework, you will get extra time for them.

You have read and heard all these many times, but never applied in your life. So, here are some simple ways that will help you to wake up early.


  1. Sleep early: It is totally frivolous if you sleep at 2 AM and then you expect to get up at 5 in the morning. To get up early, you need to sleep early. Try to go to bed by 9 PM so that you get enough sleep. Remember, not getting enough sleep is very venomous to your health and brain. If you want your body to work properly, give it proper rest.
  2. Eat less: You won’t be able to get up if you eat so much and that too late at night. Have your dinner like a beggar by 7:30 PM at most.
  3. Keep your alarm clock far away: Normally, you set your alarm and place it right next to you. Avoid this. Keep your alarm clock so far that you are not able to reach it because, in the morning, you will have to get up to switch it off.
  4. Get up at once: As soon as you hear your alarm, jump out of the bed at once rather than sprawling on it.
  5. Involve others: Tell your friends that you are going to wake up early every day. Boast about it. Now, you will surely get up because of peer pressure.

As a student, it is important that you start waking up early not only when you go to school, but for the entire lifetime. When you install this habit in your daily routine, you will see a massive change in your life.

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