Pride and prejudice

When it comes to movies, we are all aware how diverse everything can be; the plot, the characters, the theme, the shooting locations; all can be vivid and yet very essential to put up a movie worth watching! Movies are a form of art, of elaborate expression and possess the capability of creating turmoil as well as solace in our minds.

One such film which does poetic justice to the phrase ‘cinematic brilliance’ is ‘Pride and prejudice’, 2005! It is based on the brilliant novel of the same name. People often say that’never judge a book by its movie’, Or ‘the book is far better than the movie’. More often than not, they are correct. But this movie is an exception!



Set in the Victorian era, this movie revolves around a girl Elizabeth Benett (Lizzie), who is way ahead of her time, in terms of mentality, her thoughts, her outlook on life and feminism. She grows up with her parents and four sisters; she is the second child. Her mother is very keen on getting all the sisters married very soon, especially the eldest and the most beautiful one, Jane.
Belonging from a middle-class family, her mother fears that the girls should be married soon so that they have a roof over their head when their parents are dead.


Jane and Mr.Bingley as Elizabeth encourages them to know each other better

News of the arrival of filthy rich Mr. Charles Bingley in the neighborhood makes Ms. Bennett cook up a plan to make him fall for Jane’s beauty. Soon enough they meet at a ball and Bingley is instantly drawn towards Jane’s beauty. Bingley is accompanied by a rather morose looking friend of his, Mr. Darcy who barely communicates with anyone. At the ball when Bingley suggests that he should dance with Elizabeth, he comments on her saying that she is ‘too plain’.
Elizabeth overheads and is slightly offended. In this context, she later says, ‘ I could more easily forgive his vanity if he had not wounded mine.’
Soon Elizabeth finds more about Mr. Darcy and as they meet more and more, Darcy falls in love with her beautiful and radiant mind.
His confession for his love was the scene which is sure to make you fall in love.
He says, ” … I love you. Most ardently.”


Only to be rejected by Lizzie due to misunderstandings. Matthew McFayden puts up as the enigmatic and introvert Mr. Darcy, whose charm is undeniable.

Amidst all this, arise several complexities; Lizzie also encounters certain vicious characters like Ms. Bingley and Mr. Collins, with whom she deals ever so graciously. And in the end, She finds the truth about Darcy and recognizes the simplicity and kindness buried deep within him. She chooses him to spend her life with as she couldn’t help but fall for him. Keira Knightley, a sunshine of an actor and a perfect Lizzie will steal your hearts, with her relatable character and her subtle grace.


The movie is full of nonchalantly beautiful quotes which are worth pondering over.

This is a brief overview of the story. The Movie is filled with exotic scenes and the flawless portrayal of the characters by the brilliant actors! This movie is a must watch for all those who love reading classics, for a timeless tale of conflict and love.

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