Birds of a Feather

Once a farmer had many fields
He ploughed hard and got large yields
His heart danced when his crop he glanced.
But his heart missed beats
When he saw wings and beaks
Break into his lands
He held his head in hands.
He knit his brow and brought a scarecrow
In vain, he complained
To his old friend
Who told him not to fret and gave him a net
To catch the winged thief when he made mischief.
When during the rains fields were raided by cranes
Farmer spread the net on the ground that was wet.
To his shock along with the cranes he caught a stork
Stork was sort of vain as he was prettier than the crane
It was below his stature to get bogged with low creature
He looked with disdain at the classless Crane.
Then he begged the farmer to let him go
For a stork can never stoop so low
As to steal a farmer’s meal.
Farmer thought for a while gave a wry smile
Told the stork you are no better.
I hold a belief that you too are a thief
Now don’t whine you are a partner in crime
If you are caught together
You both are birds of a feather.