Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle!

When it comes to health, human beings especially children are careless. Being hale and hearty is a hard nut to crack. You have to be meticulous about what you eat and the hardest part is resisting scrumptious cuisines. So, despite wanting to improve your health, you end up following the same unhealthy diet.


But, if you are not concerned about your health, it can have a long-lasting impact on your body and mind such that you won’t be able to utilize them to full extent. It is essential to build the habit of healthy eating right from the childhood. And when I say, childhood, it doesn’t mean only during exam time. Just eating right food for fifteen days won’t make a difference. This habit should be consistent.

Students don’t get time to concentrate on what they are eating in the middle of projects and homework. Also, being a child, you tend to bend more towards junk food which is acceptable, but sometimes.

So, here are some healthy habits you should look up to especially as a child. Some of them are delicious and will not take much of your time too!

(1) Dry Fruits are a source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They help in maintaining high energy levels particularly almonds. While raisins prevent weakening of eyes, walnuts containing omega-3 fatty acids help in brain development. You need no extra effort to include dry fruits in your diet. Keep a bowl of dry fruits where you study and have them in breaks.

(2) Flaxseeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. While they help in maintaining healthy skin and hair, they are rich in fiber and is good for weight loss. Digestive health is also improved. Flaxseeds are easily available. You can have them with water or ask your parents to mix them in cookies or muffins.


(3) Green leafy veggies like broccoli, spinach, cabbage are the most amazing source of all the vitamins and minerals essential for our body. While they are rich in iron and calcium, they have cancer protective properties too. Usually, we get annoyed at the sight of green vegetables on our plate, but start having them in good quantities.

(4) Dark chocolate can be good for you! You might be delighted to know this. It improves blood flow to both brain and heart such that it causes an increase in concentration levels. But, don’t go wild munching chocolates all the time. Remember, it is only the DARK chocolate that helps. The darker the chocolate, the healthier it is.


(5) Bananas are an immense source of fuel. They are rich in glucose and sugar which provides instant energy. You can either have a banana as it is or can make tasty banana juice also. Including this in your diet does not require much effort. Whenever you take a break from studies, make sure to eat one. This will keep you energized and will prevent you from getting tired easily.


No matter how much intelligent you are, if you are not physically well, soon you will see the repercussions of being unhealthy. So, make sure to include all the above items in your diet chart gradually to have a bright future.

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