How are donuts made?

Who doesn’t love a good, soft donut? Some loved theirs with a chocolate glaze and some like it with a sugar glaze and the adventurous ones like it chocolate filled! But have you ever thought how are donuts made at a large scale? Because clearly, every donut needs care and precision to taste that good every time. So let’s understand how are they mass produced!

A donut as we all know is a ring-shaped bread like dough that is fried or baked. Many use yeast for the leavening process and many just bake it for a cake donut taste. We’ll be talking about the fried donuts that use yeast for the leavening process. There are many famous chains or franchises for donuts like Krispy Kreme, Mad Over Donuts, Dunkin’ Donuts and except for that, some local bakeries make exquisite donuts as well.

So first thing in the morning is making the dough. The instant yeast, flour, sugar, salt are all added to a mixer which mixes and makes the dough. Because of the use of instant yeast, not much time needs to be given for the rising process. Then this passes to a hopper which makes the dough into a fat sheet.

As the dough that comes out of the hopper is quite thick, it is passed through a series of rolling pins which flattens the dough to 3/4th of an inch in thickness. A lot of flour is dusted onto the dough to avoid sticking. This is passed through a series of donut rings which cuts it into the trademark donut shapes. The extra bits of dough can either be used for donut bites or can just be rolled out again for new donuts.

Produktion von Donuts | Production of Donuts

These raw donuts are kept in a warm room (38 degree Celsius) for 15 minutes where they rise. The time is this less as instant yeast has been used. The usual time of rising is about 60-90 minutes. Once this is done, the donuts are taken for frying. One side of it is fried first and then it is flipped by the machine to complete the frying process. Once this is done, they are transferred to a wire rack where they cool, after which they are glazed with different toppings. Now, your donuts are ready and the conveyor belts take these to the packaging department so that they are sealed and transported for everyone to enjoy.

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The cake donuts, on the other hand, are much simpler to make. The batter for the donuts are made like a cake batter and it directly dropped into hot oil through a shaper that shapes it into rings. The most famous or the most consumed donuts are glazed or sugared donuts.

Though the donut takes less than a minute to eat, there is hours of hard work that goes into it! But it is fascinating how machines make the perfect donut every time. Enjoy the next one you eat even more, now that you know how they are made!

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