King Of The Court – Roger Federer


‘First, there was tennis, then there is Roger Federer’
Such is the story of genesis
Of the game called tennis.
This remains a mystery how he defies time
Having played for so long he’s still in his prime.
He’s the greatest tennis wonder
The name is Roger Federer.
Some say it’s poetry when he hits the ball
Some say sheer elegance makes him stand tall.
‘He moves like a whisper’* each movement full of grace
‘It’s rather uncanny he’s never out of place.’**
Nineteen Grand Slam titles, ten times runners up
Eight Wimbledon Trophies he has so far lifted up.
Admired by all feared by rivals
Certainly stands first among equals
The road hasn’t been smoothe
The journey was hard and rough
But then crown doesn’t come easy
He wears it who is tough.
He too had doubts and his share of pain
Was about to call quits and there he’s again.
Never the famous forehand faltered not a set lost
Surely the player shows his class apart.
In the last game when he outplays Marin Cilic
In one classy shot, he silences every critic.
Here’s a lesson for everyone
To fulfill your aspiration
To live your dream you give it all
Never give up even if you fall.
The master of comebacks his example does show
How one can bounce back after lying low.

Who said it:
* Nick Boll
** Rod Laver